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for Hikaru's I'm Sorry Present

1/28/2015 c1 TomboyWriter
Shugo chara OTP
Not Amuto
Hikaru and Rikka, my friends.
Okay seriously this is so good! Brought a smile to my face... You should do a sequel! The more Hikaru x Rikka there is in the world, the better! (*Singing* Whyyy are my ships always so hard to fiiind...)
8/10/2012 c1 Gogotomago99
yay! more rikkaru! :D :)
1/7/2012 c1 55Amulet Misty
Aww I loved this, I love Hikaru's thoughts about this and how he cares about Rikka. I'm sure he'll get her a good gift!

P.S. Technically a drabble is a fic with exactly 100 words, so this is more of a one-shot or a ficlet.
1/2/2012 c1 Hana no Megumi
Aw. That was so sweet.

This being my first Hikaru/Rikka fanfic I've ever read, it has truly put smile on my face. The fact that this archive is mostly just filled with overused Amuto fics is really sad, and I love how, for once, this is something unique and enjoyable.

I wonder what gift he'd buy for her? Aha.

Again, great work!


•Hana no Megumi :3•

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