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12/5/2019 c1 derektomlinson
lol tifa saying while blowing kisses and winking at her boyfriend and husband cloud so strife is there anything something that you wanted to say tell me the hot bartender
1/6/2019 c1 Derek
Tifa to cloud did I ever tell you geeks are sexy and that I love a geek named strife
3/7/2018 c1 Alcantis
Gosh. You better return and show us some good Cloti stuff! You already had a good start. Wanna see how our lil stubborn chocobo gets to date his soul mate!
9/24/2012 c1 Guest
Really would like to see more to this. It's too interesting a start to let it end here.
12/31/2011 c1 KaraZen
Can't wait to see how Cloud's character develop and who's the hot bartender whom he'd know all his life ...good plot there, hope to meet Zack soon too! Please write more soon.
12/28/2011 c1 sunflowerspot
Great start of a story! I love the way you write Cloud, and I can't wait to see this meeting with the hot bartender. Maybe she can help him get out of this blind date, or maybe she'll end up being the date. ^_~ Update soon!
12/28/2011 c1 Roro
I like this story's plot!

Please update soon, I'm curios about the next meeting between the 'Hot Bartender' and Cloud :D

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