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3/29/2021 c6 52A Talking Cat
Very nice. Given the length of time between when this was published and now, I doubt you'll read it, but still. I really like this. If you'd not underlined LMM's parts I might not have noticed the difference, because it was seamless. Good job. I go to read your other stories now! :)
8/8/2012 c6 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
The end. Goodness, how much I yearn to cry my soul out after reading this beautiful, touching, moving and sorrowful story. But I can't cry, no matter how much I wish, for my mother and father are in the room. And, as I said before when I was reviewing also, how on earth will they react to the sight of me sobbing over the computer? So, I must compose myself and try not to go into "the depths of despair".
Enough of my rambling. Anyway, in answer to your question in your Author's Note ... I did get RoI with the same cover from the school library, but as it happened some years back, I cannot really remember my classmates' questions about it. Sorry!
This story is so wonderful. I want to add it to my Favourite Stories list a dozen times over, and still that would not compensate for the loveliness this story brings. It is very sad, I know, but brilliantly written. As I've told you before, you are one of the few rare authors on this site who can actually copy Lucy Maud Montgomery's style. I can only hope that my writing turns out to be as splendid as yours in the future.
Well done.
8/5/2012 c5 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
This was heart-wrenching, is all I can say. No one, not even the evillest of villains, deserves the fate that struck the Blythes that cruel day.
8/5/2012 c4 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
That last paragraph was so breathtakingly beautiful. You honestly write like L. M. M.
8/5/2012 c3 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
This was heart-breaking! You write so perfectly! And I think you've given this story a great title, too.
8/5/2012 c2 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
This made me want to cry, but my friend is in the room and what will she think if I start weeping over the computer? So, regretfully, I can't cry at this. But it's so sad!
8/5/2012 c1 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful! A most wonderfully written story, filled with grief and sorrow. Your writing style is just like L. M. M.'s style.
6/7/2012 c6 10rita hayworth
Okay, wow. Once again I loved the Anne/Gilbert interaction, especially how you wrote their heartache. Anne bringing up little Joy was absolutely painful (the kind of painful that gave me chills and kept me reading).

I loved this line:

"If there is ever a defining moment when our soul changes for ever, however infinitesimally, and becomes better and more enduring, like the pivotal instant when a caterpillar breaks out of the cocoon to unfold its wings, which it had been nurturing for that very moment, this was Rilla's."

It was written perfectly and I LOVED (don't you wish italics were available in reviews?) the comparison to caterpillars and butterflies.

And when I read this line:

"Once upon a time she had still dared to hope—to believe that someday Walter would know of her regard and return it—a dream that she had always thought of with all the sweetness and poignancy that every woman who waits at home for her sweetheart at war feels—that was gone now for Una, gone for ever. She loved Walter and no one else."

Tears actually came to my eyes. Walter and Una are one of my many weaknesses when it comes RoI and the Anne series, and this line makes me seriously wish that you'd write a Una/Walter story!

Thank you for the lovely story xx
6/7/2012 c5 rita hayworth
Oh my goodness. Wow...I don't even know what to say.

The emotion was so raw in this chapter and both Gilbert and Anne were perfectly characterized. I loved the memory you added at the beginning, because it added a unique and bittersweet perspective to what everyone knows will come at the end of the chapter.

Once again I have to say that your writing perfectly mirrors Maud's, as though this could literally be a part of RoI. Gilbert is one of my favorite male characters (who else?) and you've captured his personality as a father wonderfully. I would also like to say that you write Susan perfectly! She's such an underrated character but I feel like you do her justice.

Also, the comparison near the end of Rilla and Gilbert's eyes is so heartbreaking for some reason. And your descriptions are lovely!

"Yet everything about it seemed mournful to him; the golden was not a proud, shining glow but dying blaze that was forced to persist till night time; the breeze seemed to be a grieving mother running her gentle fingers through the hair of her children; the flowers danced as a troop of dryads would sway, with their heads bowed and their arms linked, around a lonely, forgotten grave."

This chapter - the whole story, really - gives me chills everywhere.
5/17/2012 c4 rita hayworth
I'm back to reading and reviewing this story! Sorry it's been a while - things have gotten busy :P

Firstly, I want to say that you really have a way with writing each character's distinct personality. Sometimes I forget I'm reading a fanfic and think I'm actually reading one of LMM's stories!

"Anne smiled at the recollection of the day before the anniversary of their happiness, when Gilbert had come to Green Gables with that very greeting upon his lips. Doctor and wife wandered away from Ingleside and walked in the beauty of the approaching twilight." - that entire passage is incredibly beautiful! Very well-written and heartwrenching, just like this entire story.

"Together, the three women went through the heartache that, although different to everyone, was similar in the love that always accompanies it. It was a heartache no one drowning in its tumultuous waves can comprehend, and the only solace they can gain from it is that God above knows best, and they must trust him with their hearts and lives." - wow, this entire chapter was incredible. I don't even know what words to use to do it justice.
4/19/2012 c3 rita hayworth
Okay, I'm reviewing this chapter as I read, so bear with me :P

"Like her mother's first prayer forty years ago, fervour coloured every syllable that came from her mouth." I LOVE this sentence. It's perfect. The words you used, the comparison to Anne - I adore it.

Your characterization of Susan is spot-on. I love how she tuts about the mixture of British and New Zealand troops.

And nooo! Dog Monday's howl gets me every time. I loved the dream sequence with Walter, and I think you conveyed his feelings really well.

Well, until the next chapter!
4/18/2012 c2 rita hayworth
OH MY GOD. Noooo. "It was well, then, that she did not hear the faint but unmistakable howling of a dog coming from, it seemed, the train station—or, if she did, that she did not understand the meaning of it." The tears were all over the place during that chapter.
4/18/2012 c1 rita hayworth
I love your writing style. Anne and Gilbert's characterizations are perfect, and I loved the glimpse into Anne's thoughts concerning Rilla. Something I think the last book lacks (although I love it to pieces) is Anne's point of view, and I really liked how you wrote it here. I also LOVED this line: "Her seventeen-year-old daughter's face was pale and serene as the kiss of a moonbeam upon a quiet sea," and pretty much all the descriptive words you used. Anyway, on to the next chapter! I can't wait to read the others' points of view.
3/6/2012 c6 15Jilsen
Although I'm not familiar with the story or characters, I wanted to let you know that I find your writing very poignant. You really bring the characters to life. The reader can feel their pain or happiness, sharp and clear.

And in those places where you've included LMM's original text, you've done so beautifully, blending your own writing seamlessly with the original.

Thanks for a great read!
2/6/2012 c6 2Nan of Ingleside
I loved how realistic you were- with Anne being tired of 'staying strong'. this was one thing that I missed in RoI- I mean, Anne was almost inhumane in her strength there, everyone has moments of crisis. you filled the book perfectly.

I only wish this story was longer and that you had written about Di, too. sometimes it seemed unfair to me, with Walter transferring his feelings to Rilla in the book. I know she was the protagonist, but still.

but on the whole- it was a great read and thank you for it! :)
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