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1/28/2012 c1 23CreepingMuse
Fascinating. Katherine has such a unique perspective, and it was interesting to see Katerina before she was Katherine, when she was just a scared girl who had to give up everything to survive. I loved the insight into both Damon and Stefan-it's so easy to forget that Damon was a simpering romantic. Beautiful line: "He pined, and promised, and offered beautiful notions of true love, of forever after." And her view of Stefan as a soulless killer...very different character interpretation there, but I like it. And even though most of this story is deadly serious, you still made me chuckle because Elena is a good snack. Nicely done.
1/22/2012 c1 12345jj
love love love this. there needs to be more fics of katherine like this! :)
1/10/2012 c1 Danielle
Wow, this is as canon as it gets without actually being the script for TVD :) keep up the good work!
12/29/2011 c1 91anonyreaderfan
Extremely well written story. Made Katerina's emotions very believable. I enjoyed the way you got into her head.

Aa always it is a pleasure to read a story where the author can either spell or knows how to use spell check. Hope your write more.
12/29/2011 c1 Deleted100200300
That was amazing!
12/29/2011 c1 17Last Marauder of Five
Loved it!

I really enjoyed reading Katherine's history from her perspective, knowing what she felt throughout her many tough experiences.

I liked the way you made her slowly realize how much she cared for Stefan, how much she wanted him in her life.

Keep writing!

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