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2/9/2013 c7 12FelineGal
You really like Sessho-maru don't you?
7/21/2012 c1 Roxast
Oh my gosh! You added all my favorite characters, including fang from maximum ride. I'm gonna die from excitement. XD
5/30/2012 c29 Anya
HIII! So. could you borrow Mae? *pushes an emopunk rocker chick at Wizard* She's kinda morbidly insane. And obsessed with Tallest Red. OH! And don't look at her drawings. BYE!
5/27/2012 c28 3Cylonblaze
-WARNING, this review has a few Warriors spoilers... hope you don't mind ;.; I got carried away-

*Kyrlin poofs in, and waves crazily at Kib* HAI! Whazzup? *stops and looks at the babies* O3o...

Kyrlin: Human babies... look very... cold. And so do irkens. But I guess they're still cute, nonetheless. Hey, can you guys bring in Longtail, and give him some love? I feel bad for him... he loses all his friends, goes blind young-and in a humiliating way-, and then dies for a friend! And also have Silverstream come here, along with Feathertail and Crowfeather! THIS PLACE NEEDS MOAR WARRIORS, AND I AM IN A WARRIORS-ish MOOOD!

Kyrlin: Crowfeather, we all ken you really love Feathertail. And Graystripe always loved Silverstream, so let them hang out altogether now X3 all alive forget Nightcloud and Millie for a little bit...

Kyrlin: Zim, by the powers grants to me by the author, I hereby give you... THE STICK. *hands him Rock's stick, unbroken* You must carry this stick all the way to the Lake, where WindClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan live, and throw it into the lake. It must not be harmed in any way, or else Jayfeather AND Rock will find out, which will leader to TWO cats that will haunt your dreams, you every step, and read you thoughts. Even though the world is destroyed, the Lake... eh, was remade. Already. NOW GO! ...and you are no longer a baby, only for the duration of this dare.

Kyrlin: Gaz, you now must switch bodies with either Briarlight or Brightheart, and at least till the end of this chapter. Dib... if you're old enough to understand what happened to your sister... know I'm not doing because I dislike you. I just want to get Gaz to do SOMETHING. She's been rather dull, and untouched lately. Hee, but if she chooses to be Brightheart, then someone here will randomly change into Cloudtail, and someone else into Whitekit (Whitekit-her daughter, if you didn't know, and Cloudtail is her mate. I feel evil...)

Kyrlin: HARR. X3 Darkstripe, you and Red must have a duel, while Purple fights Mapleshade (if you know her, otherwise he fights Breezepelt.)

Kyrlin: Hawkfrost for some reason, I'm beginning to like you... however, you are being summoned here to stalk some unlucky person from the shadows. Be your evil, cold, cruel self... cuz it's awesome...

Kyrlin: Bluestar... *giggles* Okay, you go and take care of Kenjix... he's sweet, so don't worry too much 3 you can have Snowfur help you out. (Snowfur is her sister, if you didn't ken...)

Kyrlin: Nyeee! Now that this place has a sufficient amount of Warrior cats, I take my leave, and shall return! -Should I bring more with me next time? PLZ RESPOND X3- Farewells for naow! *flies off*
5/21/2012 c7 Moxie Jones
Moxie: *A hybrid female with Irken Antennae and a human body as well as silver hair, struts in with an elegant sneer* Hellooooo. You are doomed. *smirks* DIB, YOU IGNORANT BUFFOON, I DEMAND YOU WORSHIP YOUR CREATION. /BOW TO ME/.
4/29/2012 c27 Cylonblaze
*Kyrlin pops up from behind a stone* Woah... Well, there goes this world! Wizard, why you let your meany OC take overrr? It spell bad things D:

Kyrlin: Well, now, Kib, are you going to rule by a totalitarian government or a dictatorship? Or communism? I... highly doubt you'll go democratic... maybe a monarchy?

Kyrlin: According to Meghan I'm supposed to join an uprising... Oooh, I know! *floats over to where the mushroom army died, and brings them back to life* Yesssssss. Alyx, your army is now back and... is now hiding from the sun. XD

Kyrlin: Kiiiiiib, you should... wait. Are you loyal to the Tallest? If so, you should prolly give them this planet to use. If you want to. I really dunno what to do here, cuz it isn't my planet but it IS Wizard's.

*Kyrlin waves at Nickoli* Hiiii I don't know yooouu, but your vodka prolly is gone, since Kib destroyed this world. But here, have some of mine, less shots for me DX -saying that, YES I am STILL taking the drinking challenge whenever someone dies, and like, 5 when Wizard dies from 'sploding, and etctera, etc...

Kyrlin: And, Kib, until you make this place safer, I am NOT allowing any kits that I know to come here. So, Kib, construct some sort of SAFE KIT-FRIENDLY fortress :D with prisons of marshmellows! Marshmellows and creeeeaaaaaammmmm.

Kyrlin: Oh, and Kib, here. *Hands him a tiny flying manta ray* Sarcul wanted you to have it. If you raise it properly, it will grow two huge fangs and tear apart your enemies ruthlessly while you ride it. However, you must name him ChooChoo. Like a train X3

Kyrlin: *pokes Zim randomly* Zim, go do something uncalled for. Something that none of us ever would expect you to do.

Kyrlin: I HAVE A JOB FOR DIB NAOW! Take these seeds and make this planet have plants again! Grow these plants! You must do this alone! Now be off with thee! *hands him a variety of seeds and shoos him off*

Kyrlin: I have no idea what those seeds will grow... I'm expecting at least ONE giant venus flytrap that will eat one of us.

Kyrlin: And now I fell like departing. Let us hope when I return I can bring kits along with me, and will see some sort of plant life here...! Naaa, no song dare there XD. Bi. *poofs away*
4/24/2012 c26 Little Sweety Pea
(too lazy to log in ^-^')


4/22/2012 c25 Cylonblaze
Weird purple/black bird: WAAA sorry for not being here for a while, forgives meh D: I was... reading The Lord of the Rings so I can read The Lost Hope, and kinda spaced on FF

Kyrlin: You're doing it wrong.

Weird purple/black bird: ?

Kyrlin: You have to announce how you entered. Then give out pranks and other awesomeness. (See whut I did there X3)

Weird purple/black bird: Oh. *the both fly in from above and hover a little bit above the wreckage (if still wrecked, or ground if fixed)

Weird purple/black bird: Okay, so-

Kyrlin: Introduce yourself! Having to write Weird purple/black bird take s awhile...

Weird purple/black bird: -_- You can call me Cim.

Kyrlin: Okay. *turns to Wizard, or her ghost, or to no one* As you can see, she's new. I'm guiding her through how to do one of these. Hope you don't mind.

Cim: Erm... *looks around, then lowers to the ground* It looks like a Cataclysm occurred here... well, let's hope we don't add to it.

Kyrlin: Okay. Now we should give out dares instead of rambling. *she looks slightly confused* Why is Marluxia hated here? I mean, he sure wasn't my favorite KH character, but he didn't seem like such a horrible guy... or gay, for that matter...

Cim: Then I dare him to come back from the underworld and become a zombie. Tallest Red and Purple are his targets to kill. Any and all Irkens here must protect him.

Kyrlin: I'm not going on comment on that.. so, is Wizard, again, powerless? And the violent people are now running the show here?

Cim: *looks at Kib* Wait... so they're hostile and will probably want to kill us?

Kyrlin: They cannot kill me! Unless... well, I'm not gonna say :P But, Kib, I still see that you never had a verbal battle. Now go have one with Tak. There rules are that all the insults must begin with the same letter. Such as; Kib, you are a-

Cim: Preposterous perfectionist whom people pitch you piping pickles and popping pots.

Kyrlin: Exactly!

Cim: ^_^

Kyrlin: Heehee...

Cim: Now, can Ivystar -please summon her- grow about 100 times larger, and then go hyper on about 2 tons of Jayfeather's special Caffine x2 Ultra-energizer 5001 Amp Energy drink =3? (Demonslyr reference X3)

Kyrlin: O_O Cim, if Jayfeather finds out she took some of that amp...


Kyrlin: Kib, I think it's official. We don't like you...

Cim: *sees the huge Ivystar and transforms into a cat herself*

Kyrlin: For those of you who are confuzzled, Cim is a druid.

*A werewolf crashes through the debris/wall, bites Dib, then goes up in flames*

Kyrlin: O3o Werewolf-ism?

Cim: *transforms back into a bird, gives Dib some of the amp, then flies up high* this is fun...

Kyrlin: *watches Dib uncertainly* Well, good news. I know Wizard can cure werewolf-ism, and if she can't, then by my powers as a dare-er you will be a normal human again by the end of this chapter.

*Sarcul comes in, riding on a floating manta ray*

Sarcul: Hey! The wolf was supposed to bite EVERYONE before exploding!


Sarcul: *puts in ear plugs* Better. Now-


Sarcul: *ignores Kyrlin* The Madgod's curse be on you! *points at Zim* Be Wabbajack'd! *he is transformed into a deer*

Kyrlin: * stops, then giggles at Zim* Cute. Now, Dib, I dare you to ride him to Alyx's Mushroom Army HQ.

Tiny: Can Wizard's funny bunny go and be adorable?

Cim: *looks at Tiny* How'd you get here...?

Tiny: Do not doubt my sneaking powers! I make Kenjix be invisible

until he is no longer threatened by MarMar!

Kyrlin: What do you know about Marluxia?

Tiny: He like to pick on people smaller then him -.- so he will suffer by having his heart torn out!

Sarcul: There's the Scourge I was looking for...

Kyrlin: D: He's already a zombie...

Sarcul: Pfft. Then, you, werewolf... *watches him for a second* he's been on amp hasn't he?

Cim: Yep!

Kyrlin: I am now out of immediate ideas... I hope this works well for ya. Now, let us be on our way! *poofs out with Cim and Tiny*

Sarcul: ... so no teleport for me? I'll just fly away then... *flying manta ray begins to slowly fly away. After about 5 minutes, a bomb goes off in the general area of Zim*
4/6/2012 c22 3AlyKat 98
aly: sorry for having this review a little late but HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =D
4/5/2012 c22 3Cylonblaze
I... I think, can you use my previous dares? EXCEPT. Add this later on;

*Tiny and Kyrlin poof back, and both run up to Wizard, purring.

Tiny and Kyrlin: IZ NOW YOUR BIRTHING DAY! X3 Hope it's a good wuuuun! *Tiny hugs Wizard for Kyrlin, then they both disappear*

... yeap. Happeh B-day, grand ould Wizard! ^_^
4/5/2012 c21 3AlyKat 98
aly: and also the return of keef wait a minute i just relized something

zam: what is it?

aly: keef was the first ZaDr fan

zam: -_- you need to stop watching those unfinished episodes

aly: you can't tell me what to do i am your creator

zam: *rolls eyes* whatever

jak: *walks in*

aly: *glomps jak* YAY YOU BE BACK!

jak: i wish i wasn't -_-

lin: *waves at jak* hi friend of zammy ^^

jak: ugh *prys aly off*

aly: now lets pump it XD

zam: stop using song titles

aly: fine, now onto the dares dib i want you to try and survive an army of your fangirls with this *gives him a baseball bat* if you survive you get a plate cookies ^^

lin: do et for the cookies :3



waffle: X3

aly: ! i send you to fight the cupcake lord

zam: kill me now

aly: later now i need to think...

lin: parteh?

aly: yesh perfect ^^ everyone random parteh time!

lin: that was fun :3

zam: no it wasn't

jak: dito

aly: party poopers XP anyways i'm out of ideas again GOOD EVENING! XD *all leave*
4/4/2012 c21 3Cylonblaze
*a small, black kit pops up from behind some rocks, or piece of furniture, whichever is there*

Tiny: Hia's! Erm, I'm kinda standing in for Kyrlin for now, cuz she's still kinda high on the happy juice because of all the deaths.

Tiny: Anyways... I've got a list of what Kyrlin and Sarcul wanted, but I can't read, so I'll just improv. *he leaves the paper on the ground, then walks around, unafraid, before stopping at Mimi* You're an awfully odd cat... Hey! Are you one of those forest cats? *quickly dashes away, into Kib* Oh... hi. Er, you're a green twoleg... does that mean you're sick?

Tiny: Hmm. Well, I want you to carry me around so I can see everyone. *spots Gir* Heya Leaf-Dog! I found a Mossy Twoleg X3!

Tiny: Ooh, there's another Mossy Twoleg! And... more.. I gorrit! Every green twoleg must carry a moss ball soaked in water across this whole area! The first to the other side wins, are you ready? It'll win ahhhh, the privilage to throw their wet-moss ball at someone else, and take every one else's moss ball and throw those too!

*Tiny hops off of Kib, cheerily skipping over to Dib, catching sight of his hair. After stalking him for a few seconds, Tiny leaps onto Dib, and crawls on top of his head.*

Tiny: Hey! There's a lot of room up here! *begins to attack Dib's scythe. Only for a few seconds, before his attention is drawn to something else and he hops down and dashes towards Axel*

Tiny: Your fur on your head...! Is it bleeding? It's all red...

*Tiny pokes Demyx* I heard you can play the Nyan Cat song...? Do so, and make all of your friends join in! *Tiny sings along for time that it is playing, then purrs*

Tiny: Thank you. I like to sing X3

Tiny: This is fun! But, Kyrlin said I'm not allowed to stay out too long... -_- maybe I'll sneak out so I can be here again...

Tiny: Now, I shall say some magic words and disappear! Be amazed! *Tiny disappears after saying, 'Be amazed!'*

*the dragon is now awake and is following Kay everywhere*

(I doesn't own Tiny, he is belonged to the Erin Hunters, just thought I'd use him here cause I lurv him X3)
3/31/2012 c20 2TheAlmightyWaffleGuardianBlez




Meghan:*comes back to life* Sorry. Gotta stop reading fanfics before I review. It affects my feelings towards the characters. In which case...*throws can at Dib's head* YOU'RE SO MEAN TO ZIM HOW DARE YOU. DX


Meghan: XD Okayz. I wanna-

Blez: Dib, PLEASE LOVE ME BACK. I LOVE YOOOOUUU. *latches onto him*

Meghan:...um. O.o

Arianna:*latches to Kib* I love you, Kib. YOU'RE MY SOUL MATTTEE.

Meghan:...*looks over at Kia and glares* STOP.

Kia: Oh, come on. It's fun to see them humiliate themselves.

Meghan: But Arianna already loves Kib, so technically...

Kia:...*snaps fingers*

Arianna:*latches to Dib suddenly* I'M SORRY I'M SUCH A MEAN DAUGHTER I LOVE YOU DAD.

Kia: Problem solved.

Meghan: You know they're gonna kill you when all this is over.

Kia: They can't. Daughter of Xenon, remember?

Meghan:...yeah. Well, you're not gonna be here anymore. *makes Kia go away*

Blez:*looks around, notices she's hugging Dib*...

Arianna:*immediately lets go of Dib, disgusted* EW, I TOUCHED IT. *wipes hands on her pants* GROSS. *walks back over to Kib, glaring at Dib*

Blez:*blushes and lets go of Dib quickly* I will murder you.

Meghan:...*giggles slightly* Okay. Umm...Wizard. Sing Lost by Avenged Sevenfold. ^^ It's a great song, another one that goes against war.

Arianna: Who will do the back-up?

Meghan: Hm...get your boyfriend to get his butt over here. He'll do it.

Arianna:*shrug* As long as it's an Avenged Sevenfold song. *hugs Kib quickly, then pulls him over to stand next to Wizard*

Meghan: And I want Zim to eat a taco with Gir, and laugh at whatever he says. XD For the whole chapter.

Blez: But he can't eat m...*sigh* Never mind.

Meghan:*giggles* Okay, uhhh...*looks around*...ALYX! Your new mushroom army is here. And there's 43 of 'em now. ^^

General Mush: We are here to serve! *salutes*

Meghan: XD Okie dokie. Enjoy, Alyx. I hope this makes you feel better. ^^

Blez: But...they're just mushrooms...

Meghan: Shush it, Blezzybelt. X3


Meghan: Umm...DEMYX! You haven't been mentioned a whole lot lately...*hugs Demyx* But you're cool, so yeah. X3

Blez and Arianna:*facepalm*

Meghan: And...FANG! Hi. X3 Hey Wizard, you should have a chapter where the whole flock comes here. That would be cool. Then I can force my favorite pairing (one of them anyway), hug Angel and tell her how cute she is, and talk Iggy, Nudge and Gazzy.

Blez: No one is amused with your fangirl moment, Meghan. No one.

Meghan: I DON'T CAAARRRRE. DX I've been obsessed, because I randomly decided to read the book after the first and I'm hooked. I have a hard time putting it down.

Arianna: Nobody cares, leech.

Meghan: NO, SHE'S TAKING AFTER MAR. *screams and runs around in circles*


Blez:*rolls eyes* Mar calls her leech all the time.

Arianna:...oh. Well, I don't really care. *stabs Meghan*

Meghan: NOOOOO. DX *dies*

Blez:...Wizard, eat a bowl of worms. *evil grin* I hear they taste wonderful.

Arianna: Dib, go into a room full of rabid raccoons and fight the biggest one. Survive, and you get...uhh...something. *shrug*

Meghan:*comes back to life* NOODLES. He gets noodles. XD

Arianna: Uh, yeah. That. IF you survive.


Meghan: NOW EVERYONE EAT A BUNCH OF DONUTS. Donuts full of rat poison. The only people excused is Wizard, Kay, Dib, Gir (he gets a normal donut), Fang and...hm. That's it. =D

Arianna: And Kib.

Meghan: Yeah. *sigh* And Kib. Blez and Arianna don't have to eat one because they already did before we came here.

Blez: Personally, I found the poison enhanced the flavor.

Arianna: Nah, it tasted bad. Could've done without the poison.

Meghan: And...that's it. I guess. Have fun everyone, I'LL BE BACK. *laughs evilly and fades away*

Arianna and Blez:*eyes glow red and they disappear*
3/30/2012 c20 Guest
aly: *looks horified* oh god no DX i ment like of freinds not of those disturbing romances

zam: they're not friends

aly: yes but i be a supporter of ZaDf and i shall make it happen *does an epic poes*

zam: and what is ZaDf?

aly: zim and dib friendship i think ZaDr fans would mistake it as a ZaDr because there somewhat nice to each other

zam: yea i can see how it could be mistaken for the other

aly: *nods looks at watch* looks like jak is late again ugh

zam: just start without him

aly: yea, ok now group hug! *pulls dib and zim in a hug* imma gonna get you two to hug one way or the other ^^

zam: what way is that?

aly: the other way

dib: what was the first way?

aly: duct tape you and zim together XD

zam:...you need to go to a mental hospital

aly: *lets them go* its the price of insanity X3 oh and fine make red tallest die in a hole

zam: *gives red the death glare*

*a random sir unit that looks like the girl version of gir but with magenta eyes and the rest of the colory stuff*

aly: LIN!

lin: YAY! :D

zam: ugh lin what are you doing here?

lin: *giggles and glomps zam* hiya zammy ^^

aly: Lol XD

zam: -_-

aly: well now i am out of ideas again so yea, now i shall go ride off on the nyan cat *rides off*

zam: *leaves with lin still glomping her*
3/28/2012 c19 3AlyKat 98
aly: *walks into the room* tis sweet wizard you and little dibby got to spend time together X3

zam: so how was it to be exorsized?

aly: horrible DX

zam: thats good to know

aly: wait a second where is jak?

zam: he said something about taking care of his sister

aly: oh ok lets get the party started in here zim hug gir then hug dib XD

zam: *sigh* this is boring

aly: *LE GASP* how dare you say that

zam: *rolls eyes* can you stop acting so fangirly?

aly: can you stop acting so moody?

zam: whatever

aly: ok then dib eat dibs the yummy frozen treat X3

zam: that explains so much

aly: i know right XD tallest DIEH IN A HOLE! YOU BE MEAN TO MEH ZIMMEH-KUN!

zam: he is technicly not yours

aly: you just had to ruin the moment D=

zam: it's what i do

aly: well i'll be back later i can't think of anymore dares see ya's X3
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