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for Arthur and Gwen,the love of the life

5/4/2020 c1 ISHIPARWEN
Sweet chapter,but wrong rating hon.
8/16/2016 c1 Guest
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love it
12/27/2015 c9 Guest
More Arthur/Gwen please.
1/17/2015 c9 2FalconRukichi
Uwah. I miss so much merlin. And this story jst making me more fall into the miss and i truly like this story. Bravo misswriter!i wish n dream to read more from you!
1/14/2015 c9 Guest
Can you write a story about Arthur and Gwen having a daughter please
1/14/2015 c9 larasmith
Great to hear from you again! Always been interested in someone writing an ARWEN-LICIOUS love story based on Alexander Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. How about if both ARWEN were embraced by injustice and united to seek vengeance together? That'd be a wonderful story as it's a classic literary masterpiece!
1/14/2015 c9 RhizOneill
Great story. I hope you will write more of Arthur and Gwen one day!
1/14/2015 c9 Angelina1989
It was a great story but I do hope you write a new Arthur/ Gwen story.
11/21/2014 c8 Guest
It was beautiful short n sweet
10/9/2014 c2 2Gwenievre1
because Arthur striped her...that sentence needs fixing. Also, in the next sentence, there's supposed to be a comma, not period. But overall I though it was very sweet.
1/1/2014 c8 Guest
I loved it! Thank you for giving it a happy ending!
6/4/2013 c8 tazlyne
i hated the last two episodes of merlin but i hated the last one because arthur died
5/8/2013 c7 Guest
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3/31/2013 c8 once upon a time
omg i love ur whole story i read it all and it was amazing i am a huge merlin fan and was so sad when they eneded it. personally i hate them for endig it amd yeah it was sad but good
just a question have u written another merlin story yet?...
1/2/2013 c8 RhizOneill
Great chapter. So happy of the birth of their son but they will never forget the death of their first child. Glad that Arthur accept that Merlin has magic and hope that Morgana is no more. The fifth series it was ok. Didn't like when Gwen was evil and I hated the ending of the series. Love to read a different ending to the series.
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