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6/11/2020 c5 Pap Lal
Awww I wanna know what's next
You're a good author btw
6/20/2019 c5 Karkat490
Name: Kai Bovinske


Home Country:Russia

Personality:silent,shy,a little scary,but overall a shy kind kid

Appearance:pale blonde longish hair goes over one eye pale skin from staying inside too long pale blue eyes and slight freckles.

Type of Clothing:likes to wear oversized clothes like an oversized jacket ( gray )and sweater ( dark blue )alongside a pair of black comfy shorts with some boots ( brown )

Likes:the sun,reading,drawing, observing others,the colour red ( manly pastels ) ,silently making fun of others ( won’t tell them ), and pranks

Dislikes:his family and “friends”, his school, the colour green, people being hurt or in pain and talking too much

Fears:being forgotten and spiders
12/7/2018 c5 Guest
Name: Aliyah
Gender: Girl
Country: Taiwan
Personality: super quiet, but smart (she has good ideas but is often scared to say them), sensitive, cares what other people think of her, wants the best for her friends
Appearance: straight black hair, light brown eyes, ears are pierced and she always wears topaz earrings (her birthstone)
Type of Clothing: athletic wear
Likes: Dance, Gymnastics, Singing (but only in private because she thinks others will say she sounds bad) different types of food
Dislikes: the color orange, people trying to hurt others, loud noises
Fears: people not liking or accepting her
8/28/2018 c5 Anonyyyyyy
yo where are you, I need this storyyyyy
8/12/2017 c5 Seductress14
You should really continue. I love this story and I must know what happens next!
1/19/2017 c5 love your story
casual and thoughtful, very socially awkward (speech impediment),
dirty blonde, wavy, shoulder-length hair; petite,
out-dated clothes
machinery and books
any kind of relationship, public speaking

I realize that you probably won't use my OC... Regardless, I enjoyed making her - Keep up the good work!
7/31/2016 c5 7SakuraLuck
Please update!
On the first chapter you said Alex had 7 friends, how come we only see 2 and they're only just NOW meeting or finding the others? I mean I first thought that they met online or so- but in the last chapter it implied that they haven't met yet so...

But please don't abandon this
6/12/2012 c5 WhatExistsInFalling
Interesting story so far!
6/7/2012 c5 6Crysagi-Chan
I love this story even though i just started reading it :D If you still need an OC just PM me or my cousin Hallelujah4girl. She's reading over my shoulder -.-


Me: *ultimate facepalm*
5/5/2012 c5 Laughterismymedicine
Dang it In my Oc application in Home country: i put in England

If it's ok to use other home countries then Taiwan,Hong Kong and South Korea then i'll keep England and if it's not then i will use South Korea!

See ya! :D
5/5/2012 c5 Laughterismymedicine
Love this story!


Name: Terra Leviolet

Gender: Female

Home Country: England

Personality: Sometimes social,sometimes quiet.Sweet and cool,Quite the tomboy she is

Appearance: Black hair with a side ponytail,Violet eyes,Taller

then her age.

Type of Clothing:Purple shirt with a black and red jacket.Purple Jeans,Hides her secret gun in her hoodie

Likes:Video games,her own headphone,skateboarding

Dislikes:Being bored and annoying people

Fears:She only has one fear and that's when people that are close to her dies


Keep up with the good work :)
4/25/2012 c5 Lady Hetalia
I'd like to submit an OC for Hong Kong.


Name: Cheng Gong

Gender: Male

Home country: Hong Kong

Personality: Dependent. Likes being around people. Social. Happy-go-lucky. Very sweet. Scares easily.

Appearance: Short-ish, choppy brown hair. Bangs constantly get in his eyes. Green eyes. A bit shorter than most kids his age.

Clothing: Bright red shirt with a green dragon embroidered on the front. Sleeves are too long, so he's constantly messing with them. Typical tennis shoes. Blue jeans.

Likes: His stuffed turtle. Ice cream. Playing hide-and-seek. Reading.

Dislikes: Loud noises. Getting picked on for his size. Being told "no".

Fears: Spiders. The dark. Incredibly tall people.


I know I made him kind of childish, but he's based off of my cousin.
4/25/2012 c5 1SillyMonth
I love how this story is original! It seems to be heading a 100% different direction from any others I've read. Can I submit an application?

Name: Amilia

Gender: Female

Home Country: Germany

Personality: Usually quiet, but hot-headed and easily angered. Likes to have fun and be random, but only around close friends and never in public. Tends to have SEVERE OCD and can ignore others completely when she is focused. She also likes to correct people when they don't speak or spell correctly.

Appearance: Blond hair that goes to the midback and sea-blue eyes. Tanned skin and a fairly thin frame. 5"4' tall when standing up straight.

Type of Clothing: Usually wears blue jeans and some type of t-shirt, usually solid colors. Tennis shoes or combat boots usually complement the style, mostly the boots, though. A watch on the left wrist, a yin-yang necklace around the neck, and a silver ring on her left pinky. Has light blue glasses that she is extremely blind without.

Likes: Order, being alone, being with close friends.

Dislikes: Being in awkward situations, people with little or no common sense(but she can tolerate them to a degree), and she HATES people being bullied(which is where her anger usually pops up)

Fears: She's learned that fears are worthless, but she happens to have an irrational fear of glitter. Seriously, it's like when someone spots a mouse and jumps on a chair screaming, but she tends to mask her fear VERY well, usually making an excuse to get the heck away.
4/25/2012 c5 Hetalia-EnglandthePirate
This was awesome, r u gonna do anymore chapters?
4/15/2012 c4 Opus A. Melikian
This is my real name.. Cant log on on iPhone

Great story! Why you no update!

Please update this is great!
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