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for It's Christmas, Chloe

12/4/2012 c1 17Julius Night
So sweet, too sweet in fact lol nice work!
5/9/2012 c1 6PeopleAreSoPettyAndTiny-Thor
Good story! The Tori and You bits made me laugh! :D
4/12/2012 c1 9J-star Black
Aw, it was so sweet! I think it was very good written:)
2/13/2012 c1 Sam D D D D D D D D D
Awwwe. real cute and sweet!
1/22/2012 c1 AwSoMeStArNeSs
Haha i read the started and already loved your sense of humour!

You should write more!

I love your sense of humour its great!

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