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for Dear Diary

6/24/2012 c1 Elizabeth
Loved it, I know I am very far behind but oh well it is worth it :)

Many thanks,

6/24/2012 c9 2Okalin
Thank you ;o)

So much tension in this chapter, poor Julia ! That's funny because we like those characters and as fan fiction writers, we put them in so dangerous situations hihi !

I hope you will post the next soon...

Bravo !
6/22/2012 c9 84JuliaJoyBell
oooh Amy !

Great, like always! But noooo, it's not Juliaaaa ! lol

Can't wait to

6/21/2012 c9 barbarama
That is very good, congratulation. I know that you had a writer block but you seem to have overcome it really well. You are really taking us somewhere unexpected with this story, first the diaries but also an investigation in it. I hope Julia will be found soon and that William can tell her face to face the feelings he put in his diary.

Keep up the good work
5/7/2012 c7 JuliaJoyBell
hahaha, you're a devil ! lol

How can you make this? I really hope an another chapter SOON !

I hope for a beginning not a end ;)

Good job.

5/7/2012 c7 barbarama
OMG! You leave me hanging there! I hope you will write soon and that Julia is fine and her and William can finally talk to each other and be together!
4/15/2012 c6 Drowning Inchocolate
Very good! Can't wait for the next installment!
4/13/2012 c6 barbarama
I love this chapter. The dates got me confused as well but the story is great. I wonder how Julia will explain reading William's diary when he himself respected her privacy and didn't read hers. Can't wait for the rest!
4/11/2012 c6 JuliaJoyBell
Oh my... *Speechless*

That's so beautiful!

The only wrong things that I can say is the date: The years are wrong, because the 4 th season take place at 1898 not 1896, but that's not so important!

Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL chapter. Can't wait to see what's happens next ! :))

4/10/2012 c6 6Arocksprpl2
Great chapter !
3/25/2012 c5 Drowning Inchocolate
This is building very nicely, please keep the chapters coming!
3/4/2012 c5 84JuliaJoyBell
aaaah I love it !

William is really a gentleman ! That's was a lovely scene, great great great !

Thank you for this chapter, can't wait to see what's happens next, and I hope that's will be good for William and Julia :)
3/3/2012 c5 barbarama
I was hoping William would read the diary but you stay true to his character because he wouldn't pry. I can't wait to read what is happening next! Good job
2/22/2012 c3 barbarama
That is a great chapter. I would love to know if William decides to read the diary or not. Can't wait for the next chapter
1/15/2012 c3 JuliaJoyBell
Great :)
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