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10/15/2019 c28 Crimson green flame
Well i admit I loved this story and could find it more than posible if minika plan didn't happen.
The charters seem true 2 originals and the plot was quite original 4 this .
So I can only say thanks 4 a great read
12/30/2018 c28 Guest
I wondered what would happen if Yume had been winged by minato? Would she stop Karasuba from carrying out her plan?
11/4/2018 c28 Blaze2121
This was oddly satisfying to say the least 9/10.
8/15/2017 c28 Blake2020
great ending
8/15/2017 c3 Blake2020
8/15/2017 c1 Blake2020
good start
10/31/2016 c4 2Ikrani
Oh God... The typos... They never end...

I mean, I'll admit I have a few here and there, but I've been seeing sentences that look like whole thoughts have been forgotten. "The day after Minato [did something because you need a verb and this makes no sense otherwise, and a comma,] Shiina..."

Admittedly, I'm guilty of that, too, but that's why I try to go back after my new chapter's posted and do another read-through. Gets the typos to come out of hiding.
10/31/2016 c2 Ikrani
I know this is an old story but, seriously, there had to have been SOME way to divide the scenes up. Or maybe there was and FF just took them down for some asinine reason. Either way, take note, all who read here:

A scene break, funny enough, helps the reader's mind run more smoothly. Having to shift gears and figure out a new scene without warning pulls away from the story.

Also, why would Tsukiumi agree to help unwinged Sekirei find their Ashikabi if
1) She hates Ashikabis
2) She doesn't like humans much anyway
and 3) She still thinks Sekirei are meant to fight.

There's no motivation or reason given for her to even CONSIDER Homura's offer, never mind accept it. Yeah, it's interesting and all, but why should Tsukiumi care? Her objectives clearly remain unchanged, so her motives will as well.
7/25/2016 c28 Guest
poor Minato; having over twenty kids and 30 wives and that's within the first year and half. How many more kids will he end up with? But 10/10 excellent work with intelligent Minato.
11/20/2015 c12 37137
Mutsu is #5 and Kakizaki is an Ashikabi
9/24/2015 c21 Guest
i wonder if sanada has 6 sekirei like in cannon
9/24/2015 c17 Guest
so shina is stronger than in cannon and are 9 and 6 still protecting the unwinged?
9/24/2015 c16 maxe03
wow are yukari and shina stupid or do they just have delusions of grandier
9/24/2015 c12 maxe03
i wonder what number karasuba is if mutsu is number 4 and if number 8 is still around
9/23/2015 c5 maxe03
wow so they ran a train on him his stamina must be incredible that or viagra
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