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8/10/2017 c22 thefishwereawesome
Oh my gosh, the toothpaste thing is pretty much the cutest confession ever. I love it. And this story is great! I know you were cringing when you reread it but we all do that. And the next time you decide to write fic, I insist on beta'ing. As per usual.
8/10/2017 c21 thefishwereawesome
8/10/2017 c20 thefishwereawesome
Oh nooooo. I don't blame Brandt though. That's a hell of a secret to be waiting to blow up in your face. Poor Jane. :-(
8/10/2017 c19 thefishwereawesome
I should call her…but what would she say. Would she even want to hear from him?


The "Our Brandt" reminds me of the Korean thing where they say "Uri _" when they mean "*my*." Lol

They slept together! And then they kissed! Everything is backwards and I love it!
8/10/2017 c18 thefishwereawesome
"Sir" the young man said, "You can't go into the surgery room; we need you to fill out some paperwork."

HAHA hospital paperwork waits for neither love nor violence.

Poor Jane. :-( Now she's lonely.
8/10/2017 c17 thefishwereawesome
8/10/2017 c16 thefishwereawesome
"In position," he said. The heat was unbearable, but his mind found a comforting spot when he thought of Jane.

*gnaws knuckle in glee*
8/10/2017 c15 thefishwereawesome
Ugh, this part was so tense. Jane would've been able to coach Brandt through it a lot better.
8/10/2017 c14 thefishwereawesome
"He gave her a hand a light squeeze and an inner urge to touch her skin with his lips took over as he leaned in and kissed her shoulder."
shoulder kiss!
8/10/2017 c13 thefishwereawesome
"The guy I'm supposed to retrieve the codes from," she corrected him.

"Hmmm," he said as he scrolled though the pictures, "I still think he's a lucky guy."

Oooooh! And she tugged on his shirt! I love when my OTPs do that.
8/10/2017 c12 thefishwereawesome
"Goodnight…William."His ears pricked up at the sound of his name. It was the first time she had called him by his first name. He hoped it would not be the last.

Hee. This reminds me of fic I've written for a certain Stone. ;-)
8/10/2017 c11 thefishwereawesome
"Disarming Ethan was one thing, but disarming Ethan Hunt after downing five drinks was another."

This is an excellent point.

SQUEE! They're holding hands!
8/10/2017 c10 thefishwereawesome
Oh hey wait! I forgot about the big agent reveal. Good on you, movie.

"It was a personal kill that changed the game for him. There was a type of guilt that latched on and never let go. The same guilt that had you unable to look at your own reflection in the mirror the same way again. He glanced at Jane. He didn't want that for her and he knew it was coming whether she realized it or not."

8/10/2017 c9 thefishwereawesome
"Instead, he lifted his hand and gently placed it on her neck. He just wanted to touch her—to physically feel that she was still there."

8/10/2017 c8 thefishwereawesome
"What would happen to Ethan…to Brandt? He was just as analyst, after all."

Yeah, it was weird how the movie basically acted like an analyst would be fine as a field agent. LOL I like that she's worrying about him.
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