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12/24/2012 c10 softballgirl
I knew those singing toys were evil! A suitcase? Oh my. Have a good Christmas!
12/18/2012 c9 112AzureSkye23
Well...that's a solution. No Vala dropping in then? Or did they, and we just missed it? ;) Walmart, hmm? Good luck getting him *out* of there...though you could just try to buy him, I suppose... And I don't think Maedhros is going to appreciate your final words...better think fast for a way to explain!
12/13/2012 c9 7Fortune Zyne
Oh man! I wonder why that is happening? Keep up the good work though!
This was an awesome chapter! Well done!
12/12/2012 c9 5Ruadhnait
Ah, the last sentence. Priceless.
Another highly amusing chapter. (At last.) I think my favorites are Maedhros and Fingon. But Eöl is a lot of fun too.
(I'm still trying to figure out what region of America this takes place in. Not that I'm a stalker or anything.)
12/12/2012 c9 46The Wayfaring Strangers
Ahhahahha! This chapter was very good, and parts of it were hysterical. :D 'gangsta-swag-cream-of-the-neighbourhood-crop-fo'-hundred-arrests-a-year-fo'-shizzle-"Naw-Orificer-Bubba's-buyin-me-a-ber"*-Walmart...' *dies of laughter*
10/8/2012 c8 44Duilin
Reading this chapter sends a tingle of nostalgia through me! Good times, hmm? :)

Several of the lines in this chapter were funny. I'm actually still laughing while typing this. [Thanks, Elrond.] Still great a narrator as always. And Curufin's gone missing? Ai, this can't be good. Not at all. This storyline is developing into a far more interesting plot than just the common ground of the Plush Toy Collaboration.

Good job, and great chapter! I'm sorry that I haven't been able to come on fanfiction much.
9/19/2012 c8 3LadyAnnatar
I have to wonder what manner of trouble Curufin shall have gotten himself into by the time they all find him. Good job and I can't wait to read more.
9/19/2012 c4 LadyAnnatar
Awesome chapter. Poor Crackers! If this happened to ME as in the REAL me, my mother would flip out worse as she KNOWS Tolkien things if not overly versed in the Silmarillion. *shudder* On to the next chapter! XD
9/4/2012 c8 5WiseQueen
She's clever, as she will need to be with these here plushies as her responsibility.
I dread to think what may have happened with Curufin on the loose ...

I guess you'll tell us next time, won't you?

Still as hilarious as ever :-)
8/24/2012 c8 183Virodeil
Ehem... I'm greatly interested of knowing what's next. :)

And I'd love again to reiterate that I've been enjoying what the Envelop (It deserves a capital letter! LOL) says... It's always fun! Oh yes, and again, I'd love to congratulate you on a story well done and a plot well executed, and words well placed, and troublesome situations well crafted...

*drone on*

And now it's time for me to head to bed; so bye-bye till the next chapter! :)

Sincerely entertained,
8/24/2012 c7 Virodeil
Whoa... Curufin's gone! This got to be interesting... *snigger* Poor dear, after being so subtly mocked and harassed, not to mention with the lemonade trouble before that...

Ah, that's one thing about this chapter I'm a little confused about, by the way. Not that as in the role of the disaster in the plot of the chapter, but actually how it happened. Even from your rather ample description I couldn't picture what happened that made the lemonade flooded over. Otherwise, I greatly enjoyed our victim's work around the restaurant, and your witty words. :) Oh, and I don't hold her pathetic for the constant work; it's makes sense and I like it, in fact. ;) It'd be awkward milling around in a fastfood restaurant as a worker and in the public area (and supposed to serve the said public too)!

8/24/2012 c6 Virodeil
Oops... caught on the job, wasn't she? Or perhaps, caught and stirred by Curufin? *grin* Hee hee hee. Shouldn't have felt pleasure reading about the fangirl's predicaments, but I can't deny I enjoyed it. Again, everything felt and 'looked' quite real. And even if I got any questions/complaints, they're dead and forgotten by now. LOL

Overall, good job! And I'm on to the next chapter(s) before bed...

Sigh. Delicious bed...

8/24/2012 c5 Virodeil
Wee... I thought there'd be some trouble there, but it seemed everything went rather smoothly. :) The chapter was quite fun to follow; I really like it, especially when you described the restaurant and everyone and everything inside it so naturally and vividly. It's like I were the Crackers that was doing it all. :) So nice. (Wouldn't say so if I were she though...)

Why did Maeglin sit beside Curufin and not his father though? Thought he'd sit by his father and away from the 'accursed Kinslayers'...

Hmm. Dunno if I'll have the mental coherence to leave you reviews for the next chapters, but I do hope so, as long as you're still all right with my rambling, but I can't promise you that. But what I can say by now is that I like this story very much. It's so lively, real-like, natural and down-to-earth. Thank you for writing it.

8/24/2012 c4 Virodeil
Something I forgot to comment on: You were so clever, using 'faulty' as the name of the programme. *grin* But it'd look even cleverer, IMHO, if you'd come up with some words that'd match those letters, like... Foundation of Authors and Users -something-something-something... Well, I can't think well on that, since it's a one-moment thought and I'm not feeling well at all, but really, it'd add a giggle plus to the story. :)

I sniggered when the fangirl resorted to singing. But truth be told, my mood plummetted a bit when you put in the line "the squirrel in the backyard died" (not the specific words, since I've forgotten them already by now) From all the 'clean record' in the story so far, I didn't expect such exageration... It made the situation looked less natural to me. But please pardon me; it's just the opinion of one single reader. :)

The idea of the envelop spouting random bits and pieces of papers that bore random quote-wrapped advice is great, by the way! It's simply awesome, and I'd love to get a hold on it if it wouldn't mean getting a shipping of at least two troublesome plushies... *wince*

Speaking of the plushies though, I think you've invented an awesome and hilarious word: super-;lushy! :D

8/24/2012 c3 Virodeil
What? You were a student at OFUM eh? :) :teasing: Hee hee hee...

'Seeing' Curufin rise up from the box gave me a mix of feelings. Partly it looked great, and partly it was horrifying too - like vampire-rising scenes from those horror films. But thanks for the laugh you gave me via the scene of the fangirl shaking Curufin's hand on and on and on. :D Never knew he'd be so gentle and - to me - more than civil though!

I felt a little odd when Curufin just mentioned, so casually, about "opening the others," by the way. Did he know that he and soon-to-be-others were just plushies and thus not real people?

This also reminded me of the 'action-figure guide for maintenance' or something like that that I've read some time before, featuring Eol, Finrod, Fingon, Maedhros and some others... But this way it seemed more real, although less detail.

All the same, I'm excited to see what will come up next! (Now I'm also wondering if there's a Finrod plushy for me... or Osse. Hahaha. Then again, I'm not sure you can turn a basically-bodiless spirit into a plushy. Hmm.)

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