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12/17/2018 c8 62Sauron Gorthaur
I like the underlying assumption throughout the chapter that there’s more danger of Curufin causing damage to other people or entities than of him getting damaged, despite the fact that he’s in a foreign world full of cars, strange machines, and strange people who may or may not take kindly to elves.

Maeglin and Eol kind of stole this chapter for me. There is something profoundly in character about Eol being motivated by the prospect of violence and anti-Feanoreanism. I don’t know if Crackers is making the right choice in encouraging those tendancies though. I also found the “Maeglin with a smirk attempting to hide confusion” and his “I never spoke against you” line humorously in character, in particular the idea that much of his bad attitude is actually a cover up for the profound lack of control he has over his life and his (admittedly poor) attempts to deal with that. I can also imagine that growing up in Eol’s household would make him quite adept at mincing words and promises.

Fingon’s solemn moment of “Oh, you must convince them” on the phone made me chuckle.


-Sauron Gorthaur
11/3/2018 c7 Sauron Gorthaur
Ah, I had a sneaking suspicion that when Crackers said “take your lemonade and go”, Curufin would decide to interpret that literally. What I’m more surprised about is that he actually managed to give Maedhros and Fingon the slip to actually carry through. Curufin is certainly pushing all of Crackers’ buttons – it’s probably good for her that plushified Celegorm isn’t there to be his lackey though Maeglin seems to be doing a good job of that. He seems to be purposefully trying to draw attention to himself and the other elves.

Yes, the frantic panic of a broken liquid dispenser. I can unfortunately confirm that Crackers’ actions were very realistic. Luckily, in my case, I was able to pop the rubber plug back into the correct spot before the lemonade escaped the counter, but it is not a fun predicament to be in. Also, the mortified avoidance of the area of the “disaster” is confirmably realistic as well.

I am interested to see what further trouble Curufin is getting himself in to… Cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
11/3/2018 c6 Sauron Gorthaur
Hmm, Curufin up to his usual petty, trouble mongering ways, I see. I think the pettiness is what fits his character best, honestly. And of course, he’d frame it as “you took us away from our lives, so now I’m going to make yours insufferable” even though Crackers had nothing to do with the former. And aren’t those situations when you can’t even come back with a snarky comment the worst? I wanted to put salt in his lemonade myself.

Ah, the navigating-large-amounts-of-people-and-successfully-not-making-eye-contact mood. The joys of being an introvert with slight social anxiety, yes?

Halleluiah for Fingon at the very least though. Despite being in a strange environment and situation, he seems to be handling the subtleties like a pro. There’s a reason he’s the High King :)


-Sauron Gorthaur
9/6/2018 c20 broken ingot
Aah, poor Maedhros. :P Eöl the brilliantly blunt, he should be called.
9/6/2018 c14 broken ingot
"glaring poisoned javelins at Curufin" OH GOODNESS I'm laughing right now.
9/6/2018 c13 broken ingot
"Morgoth's artistic endeavours..."
I died. *laughs uncontrollably*
9/6/2018 c6 broken ingot
Honestly, I am so glad Maedhros is there to keep everyone in line, otherwise it would be a disaster. _
8/5/2018 c5 Sauron Gorthaur
Ah, the memories of working at a food establishment. Crackers’ thought processes as she walks in of everything that’s dirty or depleted was an all-too-realistic reminder of the real world within the crackficish craziness. It lent a decidedly “real world” touch to the events. Which, incidentally, made the juxtaposition of five Tolkienian elves attempting to make an order at a fast food restaurant all that much more fantastical and weird in the best of ways.

I love Maedhros’s recognizable “oldest sibling” attitude of trying to keep everyone else in line: his exasperated “just stop” had me chuckling. As an eldest sibling myself, I can sympathize with the “herding cats” feeling of trying to keep things from tumbling into the Void.

Eol and Curufin verbally sniping at each other is going to be one of my favorite things about this fic, I predict.

Haha, nice touch of having Fingon start spelling his name in Quenyan before remembering and correcting himself. Did all of them disguise their ears somehow? Let’s just hope that none of Crackers’ co-workers are involved enough in Tolkien-verse to notice the specific and telltale oddities of their customers.

Both Crackers and the elves seem to be handling things, but in a way that looks like it might tip over at any moment. Looking forward to seeing what’s up next! Cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
8/5/2018 c4 Sauron Gorthaur
That didn’t go…as badly as it could have. Although I have a strong feeling that Curufin is going to manage to get up to no good, possibly Eol too, but definite nervous vibes about Curufin.

My thoughts on Crackers exacting oaths from potentially dangerous elves: does the combination of oaths and elves *ever* end well?

("Is he a chinchilla?" responded Eöl.) I am not surprised that Eol is already prodding for loopholes in his oath. That seems right up his alley.

Fingon, on the other hand, seems quite the gentleman. I have a feeling Crackers will be grateful to have him and Maedhros for more than just their looks down the line, particularly when it comes to keeping the other three in line.

("Because this world can't handle you!" Crackers responded with surprising quickness and a very cheesy smile that meant to be convincing.) The fangirl brings out the inner cheeseball in us all :P I couldn’t help but snicker (even though I would in no way be any better, if I was able to put words together into a coherent sentence to begin with!)

Ooo, dragging five stunningly attractive but possibly homicidal (some of them at least) grown men along with her to work should make for some interesting situations. I’m curious how she will explain her relationship to them and just why they can’t take care of themselves. Should make for some interesting developments in the plot!


-Sauron Gorthaur
7/5/2018 c3 Sauron Gorthaur
Ah, the Inner Luster makes its appearance. What can I say? When Life gives you hot elves (or maiar in my case), keep the Inner Luster at bay. The balance of awestruck fangirl and cautious Tolkien nerd who doesn’t want to become the next Fëanorian casualty seemed particularly believable in this chapter.

Hmm, so Crackers can read the tengwar script on the package? I wonder if this will prove useful for her down the road, if it will perhaps win her some respect from the elves if and when they discover that she is familiar with their language.

Oh my, I had to chuckle at the reference to Beleg’s untimely demise and the lessons to be learned therefrom. This is part of what I love about the Silmarillion fandom: the little, cleverly-placed, tongue-in-cheek, in-fandom references to minutiae about the story that seem to crop up in Silm fanfiction on a regular basis.

I see that Curufin’s primary modus operandi is still “give me what I want or I’ll take it by force.” It concerns me a little that Crackers gave in to him (though I don’t know what else she would have done), because it means that Curufin now knows he can threaten and get his way with her.
Excited for the reveal of the other elves! Cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
7/4/2018 c2 Sauron Gorthaur
Ooo, suspense! Which one will wake up first? If they’ve been prepped in things like speaking English (and shooting guns), does that mean they are aware of what is happening to them, or will Crackers have five panicking Elves on her hands shortly? And how will her mother react?

And oh man, that’s going to be a tough bunch to handle! Between keeping Curufin out of nefarious mischief and keeping Eol from (ehm) kidnapping random women and trying to kill his son, that’s going to be quite the adventure keeping everything under control. At least she’ll have Maedhros and Fingon there, so (maybe?) they’ll be able to help keep the damage to a minimum.

It somehow doesn’t surprise me that this is a Thing Tolkien Would Do: unleashing his psychotic characters on fans with the bare minimum of information and the emergency phone contact left suspiciously blank. It reminds me of those pranks he’d play on his university students. From what I’ve read, Tolkien could be downright evil when he wanted to be :P

Too true that we fangirls are already seen as an insane race by the majority of “normal” people in the world. It is probably sadly accurate that if we started ranting about dead authors sending us their characters, nobody would probably listen.

At first, I expected Crackers to be more excited, but her reaction of horror and dread is probably more accurate. If this situation were to become real, I too would probably begin freaking out about the various logistics like a cover story to explain things to my family and how I’m going to keep them from wreaking absolute havoc.

Looking forward to the introduction of the plushie characters! Cheers :)

-Sauron Gorthaur
6/26/2018 c1 Sauron Gorthaur
Hey there! *Finally* dropping by again to check out this fic. I’ve had a hoot with all the Plush Series stories I’ve read so far, and knowing you I’m sure I’m in for a fun ride with this :)

Ah, the portrayal of the fangirl attempting to blend in within her everyday environment :D The absent doodling of favorite quotes, the dumbstruck fan before an idol (yet still remembering obscure and random facts about said idol even when dumbstruck), the emotional atmosphere of a barely contained squee – all the hallmarks of the Common Fangirl are present, accounted for, and humorously accurate.

Crackers’ slightly panicked surprise at hearing her PenName in public, in a setting where her PenName would not be common knowledge, made me think of something I’d never really considered before: we’re all kind of like superheroes with our special code names and secret identities that the majority of people in our real life don’t know. It’s kind of weird to think about it: that most people in my “real” life have no idea that I am “Sauron Gorthaur” and that I lead this double life of writing fanfiction and online fangirling. It made me chuckle. It *would* be pretty freaky to hear your PenName suddenly used in an unexpected setting, and I felt Crackers responded quite believably.

OK, so I’m definitely intrigued as to who the “help” is to which Mister Tolkien refers. Also curious about what he was getting at with the “some people don’t die” line… And very much wondering who will get sicced on Crackers in plushie form.

An auspicious beginning to your fic! Cheers :)

-Sauron Gorthaur
7/21/2016 c5 Guest
Where's Maglor?
4/29/2016 c20 Lady Amber
Awesome! I totally loved this! XD

All of it was hilarious, some of the most funny parts being where they were trying to get Curufin into the suitcase, the Elves getting into a fight,... basically everything. Just the random little funny things that happened added to make this story awesome. :D
4/26/2016 c20 15Ellethiriel
Lol, that afterlifey place sounds pretty interesting.

It's a little sad to me that you didn't get to say goodbye to them properly. I mean, they weren't /all/ bad... well, not Maedhros and Fingon, anyway. If just those two had shown up, I don't think you'd have been as anxious to get rid of them. XD

Anyway, this was such an enjoyable story with so many parts that made me laugh out loud! Thanks for writing! :)
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