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for Twins We Are

6/24 c1 Emilyangelsducksfan
add more please
4/23/2016 c1 Dino-Rogue
Ah, a tale of twins... I love this tale. The journey of Zack and Cody is one unlike any other twins' journey. Their bond is foolproof, their love, loyalty, trust, and respect for the other can rival the strongest of these...

This could use a few edits, but all in all, this was great! Pure brotherly love is great. Pure Zack and Cody brotherly love, however, is unbeatably beyond great and awesome. Twins, perfectly different, perfectly the same, perfectly tried, tested, and strengthened together.

Lovely piece, awesome job!
1/1/2012 c1 6owlhero
The bumps and trials of brother or sisterhood. The ones we share ourselves with the most. The journey through life, pushing and pulling each other through tough times. I especially loved the way you ended it with both going together.

The ups and downs of any relationship and the bond that keep us together.

Using phrases from the show just exemplifies the viewpoints of both twins. Their feelings, their ambitions,their fears.

The lyrics are the backbone of the story. The song brother my brother by Blessid Union of Souls is very moving, almost heart breaking. It makes tear a lot when I hear it.

The short scenes supported by the lyrics show the changes any relationship goes through. Great job.

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