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for One Second Too Late

6/4/2012 c1 pablo234
ahhhhh goddamn my heart it are hurtin'

this makes me sadder than the romance fics did, for different reasons of course, but that aside this was relatively good ... really good considering how it did what it was expected to do ... (issa makin' me-a cry) but damn just the concept of that whole scenario makes me want to cry. just DAMN!
1/16/2012 c1 2Foot Pains
That was a excellent one shot. Very good, sad, good choise of song and absolutely beautiful story. Great job.
1/1/2012 c1 15MadManMatt64
Good God this is one of the most, if not THE most depressing things I have ever read in my life. Not that that's a bad thing, but damn. Now I know what XanderN meant when he told me he felt dead inside after reading the first chapter of Feral.

Let me start with all the things I don't like about this fic. For one, you made Leo too OOC. He doesn't seem the type to do all the things he did here. To be fair however you can argue that years of fame and being with Aeris changed him. Second, there is no bittersweet ending that characterizes these sort of things. You end with Leo committing suicide (which guarantees him a spot in hell, never to see Aeris again, even after Judgment Day. Good job). In Briars and Roses, a similar story to yours that I wrote (I'm not calling yours a rip off), they both die out of grief. In my opinion, it's both a tragic, and realistic way that you could portray them both dieing and then you know that they both will be together, making it have a redeeming quality.

Now, what do I like about this story? Well, I like the way that you portray Aeris's death. Leo getting there only a a second too late (see what I did there?) was a nice touch. I also like that he sees her ghost even if it might be a drug induced hallucination.

Now, don't take this review the wrong way. I'm not telling you to change this to my specifications just so that I can be happy. This is your creative property and I can't and won't take that away from you.

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