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for Vampire Smurfs Chapter 1

7/5/2014 c4 Guest
The Smurfs may have did a happy farewell to the vampirized Smurfs before they left.
2/12/2012 c4 Foebane
Well, that was fun! And it livens up the Smurfs themselves no end!

I'm curious to see what you have in mind next, Lac!
2/12/2012 c4 35Fan de Basil de Baker Street
oh boy! It's good!^^
1/11/2012 c3 Foebane
Spokesperson? Should've been Spokesmurf! :)

I think that the scratching vampire smurfs you mention were inspired by the Salem's Lot TV movie, where the vampire boy floats to his friend's window, scratches it and grins evilly.

You should do an illustration of that. BTW, you said there were illustrations in this series of stories, how do I see them?
1/10/2012 c3 Fan de Basil de Baker Street
great smurf... It's fantastic! Very good story! I hope everything would be good...
1/4/2012 c2 Foebane
Interesting story, the Homonculi make a change from the usual vampires, and they have mind control and can transform from a distance with hypnosis!

As for the body temperature thing, I'm sure it should be Celsius, not Fahrenheit - otherwise it'd be pretty cold for a body.
1/2/2012 c1 26CartoonCaster21
Wow! This is really interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter, I wonder what the Smurfs'll do once they see the Homunculi. Plz continue, this story is amazing so far.
1/1/2012 c1 25eskie02
can't wait to see were this goes
1/1/2012 c1 Foebane
Good build-up to what promises to be an interesting tale indeed!

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