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for Truth or Dare

1/24/2012 c3 Guest
1/24/2012 c3 8tedtonksed
I really really like this. It's different to other 'Truth or Dare' stories but similar at the same time. And yeah...I just like it. Well done. :)
1/24/2012 c3 3Diamond Desert
This story is hilarious! Please update soon! ! :)
1/23/2012 c3 fdfjdjlf
I don't plan. I write. Then I plan.

Update soon with my idiot bb going off to get food for everyone else. :p
1/22/2012 c2 fdfjdjlf
How did I only just find this now?

And, gurl, you better update. Fuck editing. Your grammar and spelling is good without editing. Just update. :p
1/3/2012 c2 41Katerina Riley
haha! i knew Leo was ganna get that dare!
1/3/2012 c2 2178meg9
This'll be awesome!
1/3/2012 c2 6Rikki-Chadwick-Is-A-Mermaid
Lol! I totally love Truth or Dare fics, they're always funny. But I love yours so much! The whole setup, your pairings, everything's perfect. And it's hilarious. Please make leo and Piper a couple please! Like, dare them to make out with each other or something of the nature. Only if you want to though. And, yeah, i totally get where you're coming from- I'm terrible at updating! XD
1/3/2012 c2 12love-serenades
This is my favorite ToD fic! Write more, please! :)
1/3/2012 c2 grossasstoenails
Hahahaha! Hilarious! I'm in love with your depiction of Nico ♥

Hurry and write the next chapter!
1/2/2012 c1 1EatYourKimChi
Cool.For some reason, this Truth or Dare fic sounds different than others.Maybe because most of them sound al fangirl-y?
1/1/2012 c1 AeshaKMae
Good job :D I enjoyed reading just the first part of the story. Can't wait for more
1/1/2012 c1 1Jamie Blue Daughter of Athena
i like it so far...plz update
1/1/2012 c1 grossasstoenails
I can't wait to read a Truth or Dare fic that actually sounds non-fangirly. You're definitely off to a good start! Update soon!
1/1/2012 c1 bookluver96
good opening..i hope u write more
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