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8/23/2014 c15 2trixiefan83
Please write more of this story
3/24/2014 c15 Emolma
Oh, I really hope you'll continue one day! It's such a lovely story!
9/15/2013 c15 4Azi
And here I'd thought I'd been missing a whole bunch of chapters in my neglect. I do wish you'd return and finish this story as it's been a nice little read and I would love to read the end of it.
10/26/2012 c15 BrrrrB
Sorry for not reviewing earlier! Your story gets better and better. You haven't updated in a long time :(
10/21/2012 c15 Ettena Editor
I'm so sorry for not catching up! My, you wrote a lot!
9/28/2012 c15 Guest
Miss Oliver's remark at the end seemed so homey! :) Oh, and is this before little Bruce so heroically drowned Stripey?
9/28/2012 c14 Guest
That bit in the end, Jem's letter, and all those sad things you included in this chapter - how melancholy and sob-worthy!
9/28/2012 c13 Guest
Your writing just gets better and better. (Beg your pardon if I've told you this before, but with stories like yours one always runs short of praise. :))
9/28/2012 c12 Guest
Thank goodness my studies are over for the time being! Tomorrow I shall start toiling again. But I think success is so much sweeter in the end if I work really hard for it; and if sometimes I feel that I'd rather read your delightful story instead of studying, I should not indulge in the aforementioned pleasure because in the end I'd feel so much better if I get good grades!
Now, dear, that little rant was just to relieve my feelings so you can ignore it. :)
I wonder why your chapters are so captivating? So ethereally enchanting? I am firmly convinced that you are SOMEHOW related to L. M. M. Honestly.
9/28/2012 c11 Guest
Hi! It's PuttingQuillOnParchment here. (I can't log in because that would mean wasting time and I simply cannot afford to do that.)
Yes, I know it's been SUCH a long time, but the truth is that an excessively massive pile of schoolwork has been heaped upon my head, because I had to miss ten days of school (as I told you before as well). I apologise for not having read and reviewed this magnificent chapter before. Tonight such a craving overtook me to read a chapter of your story that I succumbed to it and now here I am! :)
I love the little Walter/Una scene in the end of the chapter. Are you somehow related to Lucy Maud Montgomery, bless her? It seems her blood flows in your veins, for your writing is really just brilliant. I do declare, I was swept off my feet and experienced several lovely little "thrills" while reading this chapter.
Do tell me that you're thinking of being an author one day! You can write lots of stories about Anne's world. (Budge Wilson has done it, you know - with permission from L. M. Montgomery's heirs. Your writing is much more Montgomery-esque than Budge Wilson's.)
9/24/2012 c1 Solphene
Distinct writing style with beautiful writing! Honestly one of the best fan-fics I've ever seen.
9/19/2012 c15 15Jilsen
A lovely chapter indeed. You show us Rilla's inner thoughts and feelings so very well. Your vivid description of the park added to my enjoyment of Rilla's walk. You're so good at describing the environment. I love that about your writing. You bring, not only the characters to life, but their surroundings, too.

I loved the paragraph with John Meredith. You revealed his deep feelings for his daughter, Una, so very well giving us another insight into Una and her family and I really enjoyed that. I think Una is currently my favorite character. You've done such a great job of developing her. I can relate to her gentle, quiet nature.

I missed 'the guys' in this chapter, especially Walter. Yes, I love Una and Walter together. :)

I look forward to your next chapter very much!

Love, Jilsen
9/9/2012 c15 2Nan of Ingleside
yayness! after a terrible, terrible driving lesson I had today- what a comfort!

it is rather short- you've made me accustomed to longer pieces so I'm still 'hungry' ;-) and I hope you'll write soon. I'm very curious about the contents of the next chapter, since they seem to be quite crucial. as for this one, though- I enjoyed it a lot. you have such a way with words, everything seemes smooth and there are literally *no* awkward moments. I envy you! :-) I'm so, so glad that Alice and Henry are, after all, getting married! I love this girl whole-heartedly.
I have a question, though- is Walter 'officially' Una's beau now (since Alice's comment)? it left me a little confused; it's possible that some part of the previous chapter was lost on me.
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