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9/9/2012 c15 12LadyDerora
Great chapter
9/8/2012 c14 Ettena Editor
I love this chapter! Yay!
9/8/2012 c14 Ettena Editor
8/27/2012 c14 2Nan of Ingleside
*a long review coming, brace yourselves!*

it was a long wait, but oh, it was worth it! I literally devoured this chapter. I loved every bit of it. even if I wanted to tell you what I liked most, which, I usually do, I couldn't for I loved everything. Anne's letter sent me giggling like a loony and I loved the difference between the two trysts and the four lovers. you're characters are never one- dimensional. I have to say I've never liked Walter in LMM and in Rilla of Ingleside especially. he seemed self- centered to me. but *yours* Walter is actually very likeable. I loved how you managed to render his 'poetic' way of speaking. I always avoid Walter, because I'm just too pragmatic to write like that. ;-) also Una is very well-written, very much in character. I have to say now that I focus more on Una and Walter than on Rilla and Ken. good job with that and also with the description of nature. oh, I envy you!
and I loved that you mentioned Keats, I loved his poems very much and he does, indeed, suit Una perfectly!
just a question of an unbearably inquisitive girl: will you be following the canon as regarding Walter and war?
and, do I smell a war wedding? it would be wonderful, I loved this part in RoI so much!

thank you for this wonder of a chapter and I'll be looking forward to another update.
8/26/2012 c14 15Jilsen
The scene in the park between Walter and Una is exquisite. Beautifully written and so touching. I'm rooting for those two to find happiness. They seem so perfect together. Two gentle souls. I like them very much.

Poor Rilla! Those catty girls. My, but I didn't know Rilla was so popular with the boys. It seems though, that Ken realizes he is the one Rilla truly loves.

Looking forward to the next chapter! :)
8/26/2012 c14 12LadyDerora
Update soon
8/22/2012 c13 Ettena Editor
I do wish that you'd write more while I was gone. I love this story and you are lovely at writing.

I'll understand if you cannot write immediately whenever a person tells you to. For me, I rarely write more of my stories until I get an idea or I just feel like doing it. You cannot make yourself ideas.
8/18/2012 c13 15Jilsen
Sorry I did not review sooner. School started three weeks ago so I've been quite busy.

This chapter is a true delight. Very well written and engaging. I loved how honest Walter was in his letters to Una and how she didn't agree with his opinion that he's a coward.

You're developing the relatlionships very nicely. I hope there's happiness waiting for Rilla and Una and Ken and Walter.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Jilsen :)
8/15/2012 c10 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
You wrapped the chapter up very nicely. :)
8/13/2012 c9 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
The kiss with Ken was perfectly written! Not too overdone, like some authors do, and not too vague either! Just perfect!
You tweaked canon a bit, but the general effect was lovely and sad, just the same.
Oh, Walter has enlisted. *Sighs* That was one of the things that came to my mind when I read Anne Of Ingleside (I read it after RoI) and the last chapter ... "a cross-marked grave 'somewhere in France'."
8/13/2012 c8 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
" 'All the same—I would have preferred it if there was a mistake of some sort and he came back to her in the end.'
" 'Maybe that's what happened,' said Shirley quietly.

Is that a hint of Jem's predicament in RoI? That they all thought he was dead, but he wasn't.
Is Walter going to have a fancy for Persis?
8/13/2012 c7 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
"Could you learn to be happy here?" Ken wanted to ask, but something in her eyes made the words stick in his throat and he only smiled at her and led on the way. Perhaps—one day—but he himself barely knew what he wanted, after all—so how could he ask her? How could he ever make her decide when he himself wouldn't be able to? Perhaps if he—but that future was still as yet far away.
Oh, how I wish that he'd actually said that! :)
8/13/2012 c6 dfghjkjhutfgrdhjk
Oh, what a mournful ending.
8/12/2012 c8 Ettena Editor
Evie (May I call you Evie?), I love the love between Walter and Una. Don't make Persis become a love object of Walter. Please, don't. I feel as if I shall break down.
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