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for Blossoming Madonna

7/1/2012 c12 1starryskies-16
This does smooth over the previous abruptness of Rilla's choosing to go, and I really liked the wisdom John Meredith passes onto her. It's also highly amusing and wonderful to see Anne trying to matchmake with her grandchildren! Thank you for this chapter, and once again, best of luck on your exams! :)
6/30/2012 c12 12LadyDerora
Good luck on ur exams! Great chapter, keep it up! I cannot wait for more
6/30/2012 c11 1starryskies-16
I love your story - please do continue with it! You write beautifully and I can feel myself getting drawn in completely with this story.
6/25/2012 c11 2Nan of Ingleside
it does feel good to be back. :)

Evening, I've noticed you were dissatisfied about the lack of reviews on my part. but I have an excuse- I wasn't reading, in fact. exams are a bane. but I've just caught up on everything...

and my, it was a surprise! I knew you were going to abandon the original plot, but I surely did not see that coming. and, to be honest, I'm still struggling with the idea or Rilla becoming a VAD. Faith, surely, Di or even Una- but not her, not for me. I have to hand it to you, though, that you handle it with a realistic way e.g. in her hating studying.

other than that, the story is as much of a treat as always. I was a bit disappointed when nothing turned out with Persis and Walter- but you were convincing in showing WHY it did not. some of the bits I loved most were Nan's reading Ken like an open book and the whole chapter 7. it was such a delight, really! ' I like your hat' was just the most precious compliment Ken could have said there! and Alice's character- I love her unconditionally.

hope you'll update soon. I can see you'll be adding more of Una/ Walter... and can't wait!
6/19/2012 c11 15Jilsen
Sorry I didn't review sooner, but Ive been on vacation.

So, nursing school is going well for our two gals and what a nice surprise when Walter shows up, and then Ken! I love Ken's reaction: "A very encouraging welcome." I might have to steal that line it's so good!

Oh, another great line: "She was achingly conscious of the warmth of his arm and his presence beside her." Actually, this whole paragraph is amazing. Perfect description of two lovers 'wrapped up in their own existence .. thinking that nothing can touch them or their happiness.' Really excellent writing.

Fabulous description of Alice Farman. I've known a few people like that, too! But you've made her nice and quirky.

Wow, wonderful ending with Walter and Una. You really conveyed their thoughts and feelings so beautifully.

Loved this chapter! Looking forward to the next. :)
6/13/2012 c11 dddMO
More Walter x Una. PLEASE!
6/13/2012 c11 jean23261985
So beautiful and sweet )

Loved Ken & Rilla and Walter & Una were sweet together!

I really like Alice - she's so good with Rilla & Una she isn't snobbish at all despite her wealth! I can't wait to se his things go at the ball either!

I do like Rilla in your story too, I think she is my fav character in the Anne series...
6/12/2012 c11 12LadyDerora
Awe! That was so sweet for both couples! And I really like Alice's character
6/12/2012 c11 GoDons
Thanks for the update. Loved it! To help you with your confusion re during wartime matured her into a much better person, but not so vain or giggly.
6/11/2012 c10 Jilsen
Oh, I love this chapter. I like how you've shown us Rilla's adventurous spirit and her desire to be 'useful.' The conversation between Rilla and her parents was so real. I could definitely see that happening just the way you wrote it.

I'm not familiar with Una (as you know I haven't read the original story), but she seems nice and I hope she and Rilla become friends. I like how you have these young girls wanting to do something to help. It makes the story so much better and engaging.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter very much. This chapter was extremely well written.

Sincerely, Jilsen
6/7/2012 c2 Firathe
I love your OC, she's hilarious. Kinda remind me of old Mrs Dubose in To Kill A Mockingbird, equally old, herald of bad news and a bit of a liar.

And the describtion of the dance is amazing, the part where Ken finally realised how lovely Rilla is, it's sweet blossoming love!
6/6/2012 c1 Firathe
Lovely setting.
6/6/2012 c10 BrrrrB
Oh, how I feel ashamed not noticing your update and you have thanked me! Sorry! Well, this review is for both chapter 9 and 10.

I was little surprised about the kiss-scene (it has always been my favorite chapter in RoI) but as I have said, this is your story ( and I have made dozens of alternuniverse stories in my head :D). I never imagined Rilla going out seas but somehow I'm sure she's just the person. I am going to miss Jims but I like the twist in the story and I look very forward to next chapter! I still do love you story, don't you dare abandon it! You writing is very LMMish, makes me want to read more and more.. So, update soon! :)
6/5/2012 c10 2strawberries-and-cherries123
I love new chapters. I'm looking forward to the new one :)
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