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3/21/2012 c5 15Jilsen
So, Ken was able to enlist. Oh, what will the future hold for him? And I dare say he was dreaming of Rilla there at the end.
3/21/2012 c4 Jilsen
The heartache of war, the uncertainty of what's to come, is palpable in this chapter. You truly made me feel for the young men leaving, their families and friends.

Well done!
3/21/2012 c3 Jilsen
Ah, such a sad, sweet chapter. What is to become of Rilla and Ken? Will they find happiness? Will he go to war?

I think it benefits me greatly that I haven't read the stories. I have only your lovely version to guide my way.

You built the tension so well in this chapter and showed us Ken's fears, too. Great work!

Jilsen :)
3/20/2012 c6 2Nan of Ingleside
I enjoyed this chapter immensely. LOVED the other angle on the story. you make everything seem so real- you remember details like Leslie's crimson sash and it's delicious. :)

also, I was very glad to see it so long- and I was just beside myself with excitement when you mentioned you were going to include other couples. can't wait to see it from your desk!
3/19/2012 c2 15Jilsen
Your Mrs. Abraham Lewis is so nicely done. You really brought her to life with her mannerism and attitude - great job.

I liked the way you showed us Ken's 'blossoming' or awareness of his attraction for Rilla - really well don and quite romantic.
3/10/2012 c1 Jilsen
What a lovely first chapter. I truly enjoyed it. You have such a way with words and phrases. I especially like: "the mischievious arrangement of features on his face," I can so see that one being used in reference to a certain blond-haired detective. :)

I also liked: "a melting smile he sometimes bestowed on older girls."
3/10/2012 c5 BrrrrB
Love it love it love it! Sorry, my english is not so good so I can't write everything that I think in my head but it's really good. It's nice to read things that happens in Ken's home. I have always thought that Ken would have studied in Toronto university, but as you said earlier, it's your story :) Did I already say, I LOVE it!
3/9/2012 c5 2Nan of Ingleside
yes, you are a nice one! ;-)

I really liked this chapter, I love how we're getting the flip side, so to speak. I don't think I've ever read any fanfic that would focus on the Fords particularly. it was innovative and fresh and very true to the characters- I've always thought Leslie much different than any other female in the books. she seemed ever so much stronger and a bit more.. reserved or stern? not in a bad sence, though- it's only natural, taking into consideration what she had been through. I think you did very well in your representation of her taking the news about Ken's going. also 'you always have to disagree with everyone'- sounds like Persis. ;-) I'm glad there is no romance this time- you do it great, but it wouldn't fit here, true.
3/6/2012 c5 goDons
Not at all a criticism, but I find that at the end of each chapter, I'm left wanting more. You don't mind making them longer, do you? I think the standard word count for a book chapter is between 6-7,000. Of course, between 3-4,000 words in a chapter would suit me fine. Just a thought.

I interpret your diversions from the original plot as missing moment chapters from hereon in; that is, what we didn't see as readers in RoI from Ken's perspective, regarding scenes wherein he and Rilla featured, but also others which weren't in the book at all. Yes, I like this idea; missing moments are one of many kinds of fanfics I like to read, 'specially of the Haryy Potter or Anne of Green Gables series variety.

OK, methinks I've blabbed on long enough. Really enjoyed this chapter, btw, many thanks for the quick upload, and looking forward to Chapter 6. Best wishes in your exams :)
3/6/2012 c5 Charliecat
I really like this glad you have decided to keep going with it.
3/6/2012 c4 BrrrrB
Please don't abandon this! There's so many (too many actually) unfinished Rilla/Ken stories here, I really wish this won't be just one more. You have very LMM ish style with your text. Do continue!
3/5/2012 c4 Nan of Ingleside

since it was actually me who wrote that review you mentioned in the AN- I did feel like a child told to come to the board by a teacher:-) - this is of course your story and you make these characters. this was just supposed to be a little remark, as I like discussing such details with the authors. I'm sorry if you felt offended, you know that I love your writing overall.

as for the rest of the AN- I would love, love, love to read about Anne and Gil. I think every other review of your works produced by me mentioned how much I loved the way you portray these two! :-D but I love this story, too. getting to the post- war period shouldn't take long as Rilla and Ken got shamefully little time together in RoI, in my opinion.

and back to the subject- this chapter was so good. I especially liked the farewell part with Jem and Jerry saying goodbye and Ken's 'something of a fancy' for Rilla- this expression sounds perfectly like him. you would think he was smart enough to know Rilla was just ashamed of the lisp!;-) this little part was so endearing! you did a fine job with Ellen and with Ken outtalking her so!
3/5/2012 c4 Emmi
Don't you dare abandon this story! I LOVE it! :)

- Emmi
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