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for Blossoming Madonna

2/24/2012 c3 anon
Hey,not bad. And you update pretty quickly, unlike some people I know.

But-LMM calls Ken a 'flirt', so I'd have expected him to start by trying to flirt withher
2/9/2012 c3 jean23261985
I love this story... Rilla of Ingleside is my favorite out of the Anbe series! It's good to see it from Ken's point of view
2/8/2012 c3 SingingBird812
This is really good so far! Can't wait to read more :)
2/6/2012 c3
thanks for updating so fast. the only problem is, whenever you publish a chapter I can't wait for another one. :)I really like those, so to say, descriptive parts, like the one about Rilla having no way to hold the boys back.

if you don't mind a little remark... I didn't fall in with the final part in full. in the books it's stated(or at least that's my expression) that Kenneth was the one 'preoccupied' and that he got so caught up with war that he forgot about Rilla- and I liked it that way. but that's probably just my own patriotism that's intruding here.

but on the whole- you know how much I admire your writing, right? :)
1/31/2012 c1 2Nan of Ingleside
pheeew, my exams are finally over (at least until I get the last results and find out whether I'm in for a re-take or not) and I could finally finish your story. :)

I'm not going to be very original- I'll simply say I loved it, the quotations from RoI were so aptly interwoven with your authorial parts! I especially liked the comparison of blushing girls to the blossoming flowers... and the exchange between Ken and Ethel- I laughed rather viciously when I read about her bragging and as I was in a train my fellow passengers seemed quite uneasy about it- you owe me one! :)

anyway, I hope you will write ch3 soon- I'll be looking forward to reading and reviewing it! now I'm off to have some sleep at last- and tomorrow I'll go on with reading the other one of your stories. expect some reviews! :)
1/26/2012 c2 15Vee22
I like your Ken - he's quite a romantic in this chapter!

I did wonder if perhaps it wasn't a bit soon for him to be calling her his 'Rilla-my-Rilla', though.

Really enjoyed reading about their evening together. I am glad that Rilla enjoyed this dance much better than the one in LMM's book! ;)

Looking forward to more. =)
1/9/2012 c1 Vee22
This is lovely! I do hope you'll continue with this story.
1/6/2012 c1 Awesomeperson100
Love it what happens next
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