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for Happily Ever After

9/22/2023 c8 1bibink729
7/4/2023 c8 Guest
Great fanfic I hope you do more chapters
3/28/2023 c1 3Hyper Shadow 2024
Did not see the episode, but I want to see it now. Enjoyed how you described their fight and Naruto's reaction to Shizuka boarding into the ship.

Never underestimate a woman, Naruto-kun . Can not wait for more.
2/19/2023 c8 T00STr00nG
Great story! Hope you do continue!
12/7/2022 c7 kevinthegoat0304
20 feet? Kurama is way taller lol
11/17/2022 c8 Lonty Arbalest
Update Please !
10/14/2022 c1 leonardmosca08
As a human sacrifice Naruto would never be allowed to marry outside said village of the hidden leaf village that's if they allowed it a big if and something else of interest if she had came across a stronger husband she would have dropped him like a bad habit and it would hurt him emotionally as well as mentally because everything that's been done to him in his life and he would have thought is because he was container of the nine tail and that isn't the case not to mention those type of marriages between ninja villages particularly of that elk would never done and not done for many reasons ninjas from those village married missing ninjas who go rogue not every road ninja is evil they just decide abandoned The village that's a presumption in Naruto but not always the case those are the only ninjas that that type of village would get away with force in a marriage to that's if they were strong enough to go toe to toe and as she explained early it's very rare that a ninja who was left the village of that strong to go toe to toe there are some exceptions but those idiots are evil so that's why it's a rarity that it ever happens not to mention the the 4th Shinobi war would have prevented Naruto from participating in that kind of marriage
7/7/2022 c1 azureakno
Enjoyed what was written hope your write more some day.
1/24/2022 c1 rosaurocunanan16
Hmm this is pretty awesome...hah, this always makes a worthy re-read, especially since I think there is a lemon in this fic.

Oh NZ pls create lemons again.
12/8/2021 c1 Etro champion
As much as I hate to bust your bubble there were two reasons why Naruto did not choose the marry her one as as the container of of the nine-tailed fox the hidden Leaf Village would never allow him the marriage outside s he's much like his master Jiraiya he never give up on his first love he would have met him being happy he sacrificed his happiness for hers when you love someone enough you set them free and that's what Naruto did
9/5/2021 c8 1Baahubali
hi, rlly like the idea of ur fic and also surprised with shizuka using kyuubi's chakra. good job and cant wait for more:)
9/5/2021 c8 2biginferno
fantastic story I hope you have a lot more to come
6/24/2021 c8 Dave
I hope this is not dead, because this is good :)
5/25/2021 c6 waifu master
Shizuka is SS tier Waifu!

Fuck all the other Naruto bitchs
4/8/2021 c8 rosaurocunanan16
Please finish this already! I wanna see the ending so i can re-read this wonderful awsomely story! Please!
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