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11/1/2013 c1 ssw777
That's beautiful.
5/8/2013 c1 4Dragon.Lady.Day
Oijdnfbbdhnchjchfbxjgydnschdnhf FEELS! *dies*
1/3/2013 c1 Guest
This is a phenomenal story, and a pairing that should have more fanfiction. Bravo on your piece.
10/28/2012 c1 29Archaon
Very nice and sweet.

The female sidekick paired with the hero is only natural. After all she was there the whole time.

It’s amazing how many people think the size difference would be an impossible obstacle. This is Hyrule! There are masks. There are Minish. There is magic!
8/22/2012 c1 4pushpinsuicide
I think I cried a little. Messin' up my makeup. Da hale, mane?
8/8/2012 c1 5zentary
That was quite interesting. like many i'm sure i always thought of Navi as that annoying little guide in the Zelda game. However, this was really cool. i really enjoyed what you did with little one shot it was both sweet and entertaining
5/20/2012 c1 1LunarCatNinja
Wow, both well written, and sweet. W
1/17/2012 c1 2SoMa-NaruHina
Wow. That was amazing. I've always thought that Navi was annoying but you turned it in a completely different direction.

That made me smile! I love The Legend of Zelda XDDD.

My sister hid her copy of Skyward Sword... I've been playing my GameBoy version to keep myself non-obsessive (I tend to get obsessed easily, but when I do, I need distractions.. OHH FANFICTION!).

I literally did EVERYTHING possible in the game from the point I'm at. ( I ended sentence with a preposotion, sue me. )

I've filled up my wallet XD and I bought everything, and got all of the bonus stuff I could find!
1/10/2012 c1 4GlidingOne
Oh my goodness that is so sweet! I love it! Absolutely adorable.

1/8/2012 c1 puma1sunfire
very nice very sweet little one shot
1/3/2012 c1 5Spyrofan777
Is wrong to say that this made me cry? It was fluffy!
1/3/2012 c1 1RisingMist
I don't even know the characters all that well and I loved it even still. :) Awesome stuff! Short and sweet fluff! :)
1/2/2012 c1 3Chewie Cookies
Wow, that's...That's just cute!
1/2/2012 c1 35Solvdrage

Very effective story. I like the set up.

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