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for When the Lights Go Out

9/30/2013 c3 roseberrygirl
wow, its a travesty if you don't pick this back up! I sooooo want to see Klaus's reaction!
4/3/2013 c3 ZapharaKnight
Ok that was just awsome, please update this fic
2/7/2013 c3 Tardis356
wow ı reaaly like that and klaus could be make some klaus and caroline sceen.
2/4/2013 c3 4HellCutePanda
I like where this is going.
6/15/2012 c3 Lily94
Elena needed to die.
5/16/2012 c3 jo
wooooow! this is good-i love it! :D i cant wait to see what happens next! great work!
2/24/2012 c3 6Matt-On-Matt
PPlease update. I want to know what's goin g to happen
2/11/2012 c3 YouCan'tFightDestiny
Nice, I love bad Caroline. She was very clever to turn Elena into a vampire, so he can't make more hybrids and just to generally piss him off. Klaus will not be happy .. love it.. please update soon
2/7/2012 c3 2gaga4angleus13
I can't wait to see how klaus reacts to caroline's state! Please update soon!
1/25/2012 c3 2artemis946
i love this story so far hope you upload more parts soon:)
1/16/2012 c3 carolannw5
Excellent Story! Love the way you are writing Caroline! More Please!
1/16/2012 c3 xshedreamsinredx
Oh god, a cliffhanger! You are just so evil, leaving me here to keep on guessing what will happen next. I loved the chapter and I would have reviewed sooner but I was on a vacation. The way you have explored Caroline's darkside is quite challenging but you have done without any sort of quirks, I loved the chapter and look forward to reading another update soon.
1/16/2012 c3 8Mineola
OMG when Caroline has her emotions turned off, she really has them turned off O.O

I like it though, it's well written and believable. I think you managed the perfect balance between detached and emotionless and the aroline we all know and love. Good job, can't wait to read more.
1/16/2012 c3 arabella
Badass Caroline is always awesome! Wonder how Klaus enters the picture? And whoa, I was not expecting her to turn Elena! I like where this is going :D
1/11/2012 c2 S
I really enjoyed this story and I can't wait to see where it's headed. Update soon!
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