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for Mark of Athena

5/31/2021 c19 Guest
I know Loyalty is Percy's bane,but leaving Annabeth behind without telling her?Not a chance,thank u.I understand Jason,but No is a No.
5/31/2021 c13 Guest
I love the plot twist!So exciting!And Percy's halarious,LOL!Of course Jason would jealous,It's understandable,though.
5/31/2021 c8 Guest
It's really hard to believe our boy has achieved so much in such a young age when reading in his pov most of the 's too humble.
5/31/2021 c1 Guest
Just one thing,Jason never truly managed replacing Percy because he stayed too briefly and the Greeks aren't the type to be "lead",they respect Percy as their leader because he's everybody's is too serious to be like Percy.
5/31/2021 c1 Guest
I hope it's good cause I really hate the original MOA and that's such a pity.
11/11/2017 c22 Guest
Please update soon great story
5/12/2016 c1 Guest
Please update us what's going on. Please. Also this is a great story with a good plot line
12/14/2014 c6 memoe
Have you ever realized that there is a real reason that camp half-blood would win? They have more emotional bonds so if kill one Greek, another two would come after you and you would die, maybe one Roman would come for your death but they would be outnumbered.
8/4/2014 c8 Guest
man percy is amazing and its all true in your face jason man i wish rick wrote that in the real book
7/5/2014 c22 Giannavale
pleaseee updateeeee!
i want moreeeeeeeeee!
i will die if you don't update!
you aren't mean!
10/29/2013 c2 anthene
Jason did not have his memory back like Percy since Percy drank gorgon' blood
9/8/2013 c21 RobinaRain
Couldn't Frank just turn into an eagle and fetch Annabeth?
9/6/2013 c21 MagicGold34
Awww Annabeth! That makes up for all the other mean and be-otchy things you have done in other fan fictions! Even though, technically, those weren't you..
Anyway, great chapter, loved the Annabeth sacrifice thing at the end... That was sad.
7/21/2013 c20 MagicGold34
SIX fly to Greece?! Who dies, WHO DIES?! Or is it Annabeth, since she's doing the Mark of Athena quest thing? PLEASE DON'T TELL ME SOMEONE DIES! If it's not Annabeth, I bet it's Frank, with his "Stick of Life" thing. *Grabs shirt and yanks back and forth* WHO IS IT WHO THE HADES IS IT?!
7/21/2013 c18 MagicGold34
Yeah, go Hades! Woohoo!
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