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for A Game of Style and Brutality

9/22/2023 c6 Fuck Names
dead final
9/21/2023 c1 Fuck Names
That was exhilarating to read
8/11/2022 c15 17SpiralAK
Top-notch work. Transplanting European football and culture onto Quidditch fits like a glove, the original characters you've made for the story pop off the page with just a few short lines, Phil especially, and this hold true even if these OCs have brief appearances (e.g. Reitch or Lennox Campbell), and the action is striking and gritty.

Harry is an engaging lead and the changes to his personality make enough sense that I can't really complain. His struggles and triumphs shine through either way, and his quest for glory is a compelling one. I also enjoyed his interactions with friends, most of all Seamus and Daphne, and I liked that Harry was still able to be friends with Ron and Hermione even though they drifted apart.

If there's anything I'd like to see in particular, it's a bit more of Fred and George (Wood, too, to be honest). You've given enough hints at how and why the twins have gone pro and they definitely feel a bit more intense than usual in a believable way, but it feels like there's a wealth of content waiting to be explored with them.

Again, you've done a great job with this story. I've read it twice and come away marvelling at how creative and crafty you've been. Whenever you decide to update this story, I'll be there, but if this is it, then thanks for writing. A Game of Style and Brutality, indeed.
4/13/2022 c15 LtKettch
Fantastic story! You really seem to get quidditch (or sports in general). You right great game action and do a great job with Harry’s adjustment to professional play. I hope you will return to this story sometime in the future.
3/9/2021 c15 25stevem1
This is a great story. It appears to be a combination of pure quidditch and Harry maturing as a person.

I hope the author comes back to it.
3/9/2021 c9 stevem1
I like this depiction of Harry Potter and the differences from canon. It looks like the end of Voldemort was much different (and earlier) but somewhat terrifying.

Harry comes across as a tough, personally brave wizard, and a brilliant quidditch player. He’s also arrogant, ill disciplined, entitled, thoughtless, immature, and not a particularly good friend. In other words, a typical teenager who happens to be a potential world class athlete.

I’m enjoying the story immensely.
2/17/2021 c15 Ragaska
Oh this was such a lovely story! Shame that it's been abandoned. Love this arrogant, confident, playful Harry and the hilarious flirting with Daphne. Thank you for writing it and brightening up my day.
2/4/2021 c15 3Gyanz
Espectacular historia! No había leído nunca una que sea exclusiva del quidditch y esta es fantástica! Encima con pareja Harry/Daphne!

Yo juego al fútbol, por lo que esta historia tiene un significado personal, ya que me siento identificado con la historia, Harry siendo un novato, las presiones de jugar, el público, los sueños de ser profesional y la selección, y todo lo que rodea al deporte.

Espero que puedas retomar el fic, se que ha pasado bastante tiempo desde que actualizaste, pero realmente quisiera que la continuaras.

12/6/2020 c15 4newkidintown00
So disappointing to see this abandoned. The quidditch storytelling is good and we have a novel Daphne Greengrass. That's for writing what you did. Hopefully you will update someday
9/6/2020 c15 9Oghenevwogaga
Please continue this. I rarely see good quidditch focused fics
5/23/2020 c1 Guest
Great first chapter! I know you stuck with her personality perfectly, but I still have to do this... Fuck off Minerva!
12/13/2019 c15 dbreezy93
I remember reading this a long time ago and thinking it was a fun story and was hoping for an update. Hopefully all is well in your life and you continue this sometime.
10/16/2019 c4 Dumby95
very good chapter
10/15/2019 c2 Dumby95
good fic so far :)
8/6/2019 c15 ilvincitore
I've read through the end of chapter 15 and I want more Quidditch fics like this. The game descriptions are worth it alone.
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