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for Grand Theft Auto: Rushmore City

1/13/2015 c20 2Tom The Author
Hey dude. I've been reading your story long before I formed my own official account on the website and it's pretty amazing. I like how you incorporated parts of GTA IV and V (given when V came out) into the story. I don't know why you haven't updated this for so long, but I hope that someday you do continue the story. Grand Theft Auto V is currently the best-selling entertainment product of all time, so you got that. Anyway, thank you for making this story!
4/5/2014 c10 humancyrax
Yeah I was pissed sr3 did not have fuzz and fight club my two favorite activities but anyway Artie is a badass reminded me of that vice city mission with Kaufman cabs
3/15/2014 c40 1A Spirit 420
Hahahaha that reminded me of GTA V, that text Artie got
3/15/2014 c39 A Spirit 420
So that's how Sneed is related to the Italian mov. What family are the Bandetelli's based off of?

Gunz is actually right about that there really were 20,000 blacks in the Klan tho why I haven't the slightest it's pretty much 4 the reasons he said but still it's some bs. Uncle Tom niggas.

I don't even really use that word no more ever since I left the states it aint as big over here in fact I never hear it aside from occasional rap music but I mean if the shoe fits wear that bitch any brother in the Klan needs to slap himself.

Oh I liked Bobby on Sons Of Anarchy that dude was cool I wonder what's going to happen in this season. Oh shit you know the guy you got playing Johnny Sneed has this new show Justified?

That is a thing of the 70's that you had to be full Italian but if you're not half they can't make you. I mean take a look at how the Chicago outfit runs things, you feel me? They're supposed to be Commision based but no one of the Five Families runs shit out there.

Man, if you're having Bobby in from SOA why don't you put Gemma's fine ass in here somewhere? Maybe Artie can get some cougar action.

Loved the gun play, bro keep it coming.
3/15/2014 c38 A Spirit 420
Man, Donnie needs to grow the fuck up. It's been a min since i reviewed but I've been catching up. Yo you mind checking out the story Sunbelt by Stelm? I'm collaborating with him on that.

Based on Houston Texas.
3/5/2014 c43 4Harbingers of NEVEC
Awesome as always Metal keep 'em coming and don't stop spreading that SICKNESS, but seriously good job man
3/3/2014 c2 BadFellas Inc
This story keeps getting better and better by the chapter. I will definitely continue to read more of this.
3/3/2014 c1 BadFellas Inc
Awesome story. I do plan on reading more of this doing my spare time. Keep it up.
2/18/2014 c42 17Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera
It's funny that there would be a black pimp in a low rider man cause all though the Ebony's did ride them in the late 80's and early 90's they copied that shit off us cholos been driving those since the classics, the 50's. We were the first driving ranflas. Back in the 70's African Americans were driving Cadillac's. Also one other thing, aside from porn what actual woman is gonna want a dude to splooge on her tits? Ass I understand but tits or face? I just don't see one wanting it unless she was a total bimbo.

Anyway, I gotta say I enjoyed the shootout with the Christians I mean I used to be one but I'm not anymore and t's safe to say I can't stand the vast majority of them. I mean the day you meet a tolerant Christian he aint a real one anyway. Their whole book is full of religious intolerance, homophobia, sexism, rape, incest, etc.

In any case it was funny how they called him a servant of Satan for some reason in my mind I heard Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka's voice saying it on the loudspeaker and it made me laugh.

The ironic thing is if religious scholars were to o research on ancient middle eastern religions, they'd find that in pre biblical faiths Satan was actually the good guy and who Christians call God was the bad guy. The logic being Satan wanted humanity to think for themselves. They can say "God" IE Yahweh wanted humans to have free will too but if that was true why would he have an issue with eating an apple?

The fact that they could even say that suddenly being aware and self thinking is a sin and fall from grace shows how controlling Christianity is. Really all the Abraham based religions. I'm all for religion but not organized ones. That's where the corruption comes in and what's funny is im part of a smaller faith, the one of my people and they call smaller faiths cults but when you think about it organized religion fits the definition of a cult.

Anyway I'm also glad Artie helped that Chicana woman out too. Chivalry's not dead after all.

Yeah, I myself have played and overplayed GTA V to the point of being bored with it so i made a story about if my online character was to encounter the three of them. Except not exactly following the online story.

I had a feeling Jimmy was based on Zimos he seemed weird and it did have the Saints Row vibe. Did you play SR 4? I refuse to. I mean it just seems like an insult to the franchise.

Anyway damn you got 42 chapters i hope to make mine that big and also, as for making a GTA story based on a new city, me and this guy Stelm and Afro Spirit are collaborating on a story based in Houston Texas and the other major cities. using New Austin as the fictional state.

By the way how old is Artie that he was playing video games?
2/15/2014 c9 humancyrax
I think Gracie and Tobias would get along well I liked the South Park spoof too and Gracies backstory was hilarious especially the getting kidnapped in kazakhstan and how Artie ignored it
2/14/2014 c8 humancyrax
Damn that cashier who got hit with the shotgun only to get showered in hot grease that was really brutal and awesome and Patriot Man I can already imagine the backstory he was chosen for a secret experiment during WW2 that involved fusing with a hellspawn

The Hellcats are pretty brutal too I liked that car jacking they pulled off and are the Redcoats based off the Red Kings from Manhunt just somewhat more sane?
1/26/2014 c7 humancyrax
I was getting some Vice King vibes from the High Ryderz and I thought from the start that Donnie was involved in some less than legal business then again the city is so corrupt
1/26/2014 c6 humancyrax
Good chapter glad that asshole Cotton Dale got what he deserved but I liked that rhyme he did and I remember doing a whole article dedicated to these creepy wikipedia sex term pictures they had
1/20/2014 c5 humancyrax
Iceman is a badass and the whole shooting gallery part reminded me of Vice City and damn I thought Zeke was a war veteran at first and how the camo pants in his first appearance foreshadowed it but overall a good chapter
1/20/2014 c4 humancyrax
Personally I prefer have both money and respect and damn I thought Artie was just gonna beat him silly didnt know he was crack his skull and have his brain leaked but I wont lose any sleep on a right wing dead beat asshole dying
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