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10/16 c1 daniekl698
7/22 c29 DokuMidori
This is a really interesting take on the Pokémon franchise and all, but I still have a bit of an issue. Namely, Naruto before and after training in the safari zone seem functionally the same. Sure post training Naruto is strong enough to fight toe to toe with Bruno, but that’s it. Naruto has known about the rasengan/Pokémon element training exploit for eleven months now and prior to the battle of Saffron he got a hint about the utility of shadow clones. Even beyond that, he’s had nine months solid training under one of the densetsu no sannin. How in the divine name of Arceus does Naruto not know some actually new jutsu. Especially since Naruto is a bit of a rush down brawler, either a mobility technique like shunshin or a few large scale zoning techniques like fuuton diatoppa would go a long way to making Naruto a more significant threat, especially in combination with his Pokémon. The arcanine obviously could aid in learning fire, cloyster with water, marowak with earth, and aerodactyl with air. It would also be amusing to consider Naruto experimenting with elements like ice and wood with his Pokémon’s help. Besides his own abilities, it would be an interesting dynamic to see him work elemental combos into his combat strategies with his Pokémon. I realize that it is kinda necessary for plot reasons for him to not be too good, but if he doesn’t seem to actually grow, I could see this characterization of Naruto getting stale really fast.
7/20 c1 daow2
Very interesting spinoff idea and the way things got connected and built forward was very intelligently done, it didn't feel jarring.

Can't wait to read more.
7/18 c3 VxgonlaX
To TerraBaapBSDK. Nigga, who tf do you think Naruto is? He's barely been out of character. He's not One for one for canon, but he's not far off.
4/3 c1 Motherfucker
4/2 c14 Jose19
The Pokémon series in general forbids in killing due to its natural of being a children’s show but those organizations if allowed would commit horrible acts.
3/13 c1 Guest
The opening tho.
2/13 c5 Ricee
if ninja girl ends up being geovanis daughter I swear
12/17/2020 c29 Guest
Are you dead?
11/29/2020 c1 PeenPunisher99
family issue much
5/30/2020 c29 Guest
This I really well written and I was hoping you could write more of it.
5/7/2020 c29 5IndigoDarkChild
Again. I got time to re-read stories due to this Quarantine.

I think Silver reminds me of a young and idiotic Sasuke. He has tunnel vision and seems bull-headed in his desire to kill this world’s Itachi( Naruto of all people...Lol)

I can see Silver either dying in his attempt or changing for the better. Maybe Naruto could actually talk to him and change him.

Seems like you’re setting up for Silver to get him a legendary dog... maybe Entei? Either way. It’s looking pretty bleak for the good guys. No idea how Naruto is gonna get Jiraiya out of the Elite Four’s grasp. But looking forward to seeing it... whenever you get the feel for this again.

Pokemon got crazy with their numbers. I’m also glad you’re stopping here. It gets convoluted once we get to Mega Evolution.
4/11/2020 c3 Guest
Type your review by a chakravless human what a useless naruto a dobe idioooot
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