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1/8/2012 c1 shadow'sdawn
awesome story I am loving it already.

Added to favourites and reviewed. I really can't wait to see how this all pans out. To be honest I kinda expected his first pokemon to be a vul and then transformed into 9 tails...and then Jeriya freaks out :D

Hmmm maybe naruto can finally get laid in a new country

Oh I almost forgot. What type of training did naruto do during those two and some months? I think he would of just worked on taijutsu since I imagine that shadow training around the boat would draw too much attention from people. And if he actually practiced jutsu's those would probably tear the boat apart. Meh food for thought.
1/8/2012 c1 StRita7
This story is great I don't know how the hell these ideas come to you. Oh and me and my brother are the same way we still fight over Pokemon which leads to fights as to who is better in video games
1/8/2012 c1 Anonymous
Good work! Although I have to say that I'm not that familiar with the pokemon series. I found it enjoyable still. But I hope you will explain some of the content in this story for us not so familar with the content of this story.I usually never read other series of fanfic other than Naruto but for you kenchi I will make an exception. Keep of the good work and I hope to see updates on this story and better left unsaid, A new challenger appears etc.

From you fan

1/8/2012 c1 57sadistic lunatic
Now this is interesting with a ton of potential (though I guess the same was said when you started ALL your other stories- and held true!); finally, a Pokemon crossover that doesn't use the pokegirls pwpfest as the main story!

Pokemon already has their own brand of ninja's, so imagining them as settlers from the Elemental Nations sounds cool. Since this Naruto's pre-timeskip, we'll most likely see Naruto age as the fic goes by, aye? That will be a first in a long while, since I honestly can't remember the last time someone wrote a fic detailing what happened in the three-year training trip.

Will Naruto get any legendaries? and in your description, "possible situations later on", my fingers are crossed that Cynthia will be involved!
1/8/2012 c1 Bystander
Your writing quality always shocks me. This kind of crossover would normally be repellant, but it's pulled off so extremely well that I, as cynical and apathetic as I normally am, eagerly and enthusiastically await the next installment. If any other author introduced this to me, I would scoff and move on, but this is damn good quality reading material!

I can honestly say that you are the only fan fiction writer that I have ever come across with such consistently high quality writing, and I just want to express how grateful I am for that. It amazes me that you can take a pokemon and naruto crossover, which are generally so horrible that I avoid them entirely, and turn it into THIS.

Now that I'm done worshipping the ground you bloody walk on, let's move on to the actual review.

I like the way you introduced the pokemon into the story, and the plot is so far superb, but there's a bit of a problem with the range of characters. I feel like the only reason characters that have been in the story so far (other than Tsunade, Naruto, and Jiraiya) is to introduce ideas and basic pokemon know-how to Naruto. There have been no major secondary characters in the story so far; I could not tell you any real characteristics or personality traits of the characters introduced so far, and that takes away from the storyline rather than adding to it. Then there's also the issue(?) of finding Naruto any kind of permanent companion or love interest. I'm not entirely sure of whether or not you even plan to do that in the first place, seeing as Jiraiya is already there, but I would recommend it seeing as the way it's going so far, Jiraiya is pretty predictable, and there's also the fact that secondary companion could have spontaneous interactions with Jiraiya to spice things up and a love interest could both draw (semi-predictable, to be sure) mischief from Jiraiya as well as justify changes to Naruto, as that would likely require more maturity than he initially has.

Now, the only thing so far that I feel needs to be expanded on further in the story so far is that the "oh shit, we can't summon" thing. It needs to be explained beyond "I guess we're just out of range" because I don't feel that is an adequate explanation. Of course, there's also the fact that Naruto didn't really ask about Kushina or her relation to Minato, which is strange given his hero-worship of Minato, however that can be attributed to being distracted/confused.

I hope I helped somehow,

1/8/2012 c1 The Last Smith
I really like this chapter, but please make naruto smarter than an a downs syndrome ten year old.
1/8/2012 c1 BladeofRays
You know, if your gonna do Pokemon, you should add all the recent ones in. Even the Black and White ones. It would be pretty boring with just the original 151.
1/8/2012 c1 deadal

i can see it :

"naruto summon naruto! GO!"

the crowd start to scream

"SHUT UP! I just don't have any combat type pokemon."
1/8/2012 c1 blasterdog
dude your a genius you got mad skills man and i was right... violence was never bad
1/8/2012 c1 6The Fifth Rider of Armageddon
Let me get this straight, during a fistfight with your brother over a Pokemon battle that happened ten years ago resulted in you doing a Pokemon and Naruto crossover. Well that logic makes enough sense in this crazy world, I hope you succeed where many others have failed, also good job on the first Pokemon I always loved Growlithe because he can evolve into Arcanine.

Can't wait to see more.
1/8/2012 c1 2Primal Chaos
You know i never would have expected you to give him one of those types most go with a really weak or a extremely rare/powerful Pokemon but i can easily see him in this situation. I think Naruto will love the pokedex as it's voice activated and talks if he gets one that is.
1/8/2012 c1 Nanashi113
Love it so far, hope to see more
1/8/2012 c1 FreakShowF13
Dude that was awesome! If you do decide to get serious with it I can see this becoming yet another great work from fanfiction's "Brawling Author" Kenchi.

( sorry if you don't like the nickname, but I thought it was cool and described your badass-ery)
1/7/2012 c1 Ninja fan 101
Yes! this is going to be very interesting especially with you writing the story cross over! Question though will the story go through the game, anime , or the pokemon special manga?
1/7/2012 c1 1Humanitiesdownfall
so let me get this strait. u got into a fist fight...over pokemon battle...ten years old...wow
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