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10/30/2019 c18 CountOrlok777
oh god oak being a smartass is funny as shit
10/30/2019 c29 Tomon
It's kinda funny too see philosophies of both Team rocket and the elite four so back to back given how totally opposite they're :)
I'm also wondering who is the true mastermind behind the elite four and if even Lance is truly being himself. Well there might be more answer in the next town Naruto and Jasmine could visit IF they stayed on the route :-D
That being said Raikou out of the ball and acknowledging Naruto to some extent was cool :)
Looking forward to more
10/29/2019 c29 DeWitt15
Glad to see this one is back, I've really fell out of the whole fanfic scene, but a Kenchi fic can always reel me right back in!
10/29/2019 c29 Tenro100
Very enjoyable read from start to finish I can't wait for more chapters to come and enjoy
10/28/2019 c29 WindbornesWord
Interesting Fic, kind of hoping Mew would hang out with Naruto. I could see it being interested in him. Just a couple of criticisms, first how isn’t Naruto not at least opening up to Kurama? I mean he has experienced working with non humans for about a year now right? So how hasn’t he at least tried to get along with him.

That’s not like Naruto. Second he’d be upfront with Janine about Kurama, might want to have a flashback or something covering him coming clean on that. Because he would absolutely not be in a relationship without him telling her why he has to go back to the EN. I do hope you don’t plan on splitting them up or some such bullshit.
10/28/2019 c29 Letho of Gulek
Thank fucking god.
I really needed this. Got a feeling my bois Till and Wonderboy bout to get bodied at 244.
10/28/2019 c29 blasterdog
Back off I’ll take you on. Headstrong I’ll take on anyone. Naruto and Raikou will be kindred spirits of “I’ll break yo face foo!”. I feel it. Great chapter
10/28/2019 c29 1R-king 93
Naruto going to ruin any plan Lance and elite 4 have scheme up
10/28/2019 c29 3Tendragos
So glad to see this updated! I'm going to read through it from the beginning to celebrate!
10/27/2019 c29 Earthly Entity
I wonder what would happen if a 7 tail Naruto fought legendaries I'm curious what the outcome will be
10/27/2019 c29 2VargasREborn
Happy to see this story making a return. Can't wait to see what other stuff you'll put out
10/27/2019 c29 Hgshadowmere
It was really nice to read the update of this magnific story. Considering how jirayja has been sent to capture a legendary beast as well as Silver, I guess they are going to catch Entei and Suicune repectively.

This is my favorite fic of all the ones you've written. Hope you have time and feel like updating it soon enough.
10/27/2019 c29 xSean
Ahhh, this was well worth the wait! Really enjoyed this one. Out of all the Legendary Trios the Dogs are my favourite. Entei being top dog! Wish it was Entei instead of Raikou but that would be like a direct upgrade and nearly make Arcanine useless. Would still be cool to have Naruto capture all 3.
10/27/2019 c29 3Ratchet McCloud
Yay! This fic finally updated!

Keep up the good work!
10/27/2019 c29 9Gremlin Jack
Woooh! Even after so long I can still remember the plot! Good to see this again, Team Rocket Base fight was epic. Also, after reading your story I realize just how much Nintendo has underutilized the world they have created.
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