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for Falling Slowly

11/6/2016 c1 2TheBlueMask
I love this! Where's the sequel? Are you still going to write it? I hope there will be a lot of Scott & Rogue kissing! :)
6/4/2014 c1 1991
What a shame there was never a part 2 to this it was amazing. How I wish there would have been. I don't think you are on this world any more so RIP.
7/25/2013 c1 12QuikChik
what's the sequel called, I can't find it
4/16/2013 c1 4reeroy
3/24/2013 c1 Kamiru
i like your story i hope you write the sequel soon its exciting
2/8/2013 c1 1Take-x-A-x-Bite
Hey it's 2013! Where's that sequel?! XD
1/16/2013 c1 Annie
That was amazing. Lol you said you would update again in 2012 what happened?
1/16/2013 c1 Animelove
Please update again I love this
1/16/2013 c1 Weeeee
I love it, but there has to be more with the other seasons.
11/15/2012 c1 Purple Majestic
Awesome story!
9/6/2012 c1 10sabbs123
Please put the sequel up soon! I fell in love with your story. I read it like five times I adore it that much. Pretty please put the sequel up. This is like one of my favorite Scouge stories.
6/18/2012 c1 11RoseMarauder2799
I love this, I believe there is not enough cute SCOGUE out there :( :D
5/24/2012 c1 Mrs.MarieRogueSummers
Please please please put the sequel up soon! I am dying to see whether Scott realizes that his feelings for Rogue may go beyond friendship! :)
3/25/2012 c1 4The Beginning of Talent
I loved all of it and I hope my review will encourage you to release the 2nd part.

:| I am patiently waiting for the sequel. You've delivered a writing style that I found lacking in this section of the site.

Thanks for posting!
2/4/2012 c1 Blue
That was wayy awesome, there werent enough scott/rogue moments on the show this was really awesome and loved reading all of it
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