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1/25/2013 c16 Guest
1/24/2013 c16 Guest
Option 1
1/24/2013 c16 8ChopSuzi
Huh. I suggest NOT deleting it, but still restarting it under a different title. That way, people can still read this if they want and you can tell them what the "revamp" is called. :)
Just a suggestion. *shrugs*
1/24/2013 c15 ChopSuzi
*laughs so hard she falls out of her car* Oh my gawd! Edna? I did NOT expect that! XDD
7/8/2012 c13 ChopSuzi
I just had a metal image of Danny holding an exploded metal rod (previously a lightsaber).
6/3/2012 c12 ChopSuzi
Ahh, tender moments. I can never get enough of them. -
5/20/2012 c11 AQ
Good work plez post again soon
5/9/2012 c11 ChopSuzi
Hot damn! This is fantastic!
3/10/2012 c8 Thunderrules
Great chapter, I hope Sam shows up soon
1/7/2012 c2 26jeanette9a
like wow

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