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9/21/2016 c5 GatorLHA2
This is a very difficult story to write. You have done an excellent job.
8/31/2013 c3 Cookie-the-Rookie
I have to say, this is the first time I've seen Dudley and Petunia portrayed positively in a fanfic. I still can't believe it.
2/28/2013 c5 9Bushwah
I liked the italics at the end of the previous chapter.

I also liked the idea of using the Imperius Curse on Harry... it seems like a drastic measure, but in this case, it might be warranted.

Please update soon!
11/8/2012 c4 Lupinesence
I miss your fic, please update :)
5/24/2012 c1 32The Potters of the Future
Poor Harry
5/5/2012 c5 1Supernatural-Girl17
Love this story and chapter so far! hoping to read more of this story! hope so and can't wait! :) 3
4/15/2012 c5 Eup1
I really like this story and was worried when you werent writing for awhile, but aren't you worried HP is going to die out D;
4/15/2012 c5 Hope06
you really nailed Luna i love it
4/1/2012 c5 2history
I love your story. About what i dislike : Draco malfoy but i like the other slytherin ( my fav are blaise and theo). I would like to see another student in other house that gryfondor. Does Severus know that Harry was raped?
4/1/2012 c5 Lotta
I think it's a brillant idea to introduce Luna to Harry and I believe she could be quite helpful!

There are very few abused!Harry stories which mention Luna, so I'm glad that you seem to give her a more important role, because I love Luna! She is an interesting character herself, and in interaction with a disturbed Harry there will be quite a few possibilities for an unique course of your story!

I really enjoyed reading so far and look forwar to yout next update!
4/1/2012 c5 Lupinesence
Cool story so far, I'm really enjoying it :) I love the unusual dynamic at the forefront of this as Lupin, McGonagall and Hermione (with a punch of Vance) isn't seen at all really. I hope Harry starts to get better.
3/31/2012 c5 5Dark Neko 7000
http :/ www. fanfiction. net /s /7 95 136 4/1 /El_ amo_de_ llaves

what going to happen next
3/31/2012 c5 2WL Chastain
It would make sense for Luna to be the one to "get" Harry. I think she would be able to help him a lot. And that learning what he went through will help her be more "grounded" in reality...lol.
3/31/2012 c5 12kshadow
I absolutely adore Luna! She's always been a favorite of mine, and I agree, she really could help Harry.
3/14/2012 c4 48101spacemonkey
Hermione is brilliant :D
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