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9/15/2013 c14 iheartcillian
I LOVE THIS STORY! What happened? Why have you not updated? I'm dying over here! You are a fantastic writer and i'm loving everything! 3 I really really REALLY Hope you update soon :)
4/2/2013 c13 3Denise1374
Please update soon! I want to know what happens! I think dextra was behind all this :p manipulating encom's files like that :3 anyways, I love this story :D
2/17/2013 c12 3randomwriter90
Nice chappie. Oh Eddy, when will be ever figure it out?
I'm glad you posted I was waiting for your next chapter. You're doing so well. Keep up the good work. ;)
10/31/2012 c11 DTaylor201989
great chapter, update soon
10/30/2012 c11 randomwriter90
So is that Dextra doing those minor malfunctions. Like the elevator, the treadmill? That is so mean especially if your being locked out of your home. And oh no, Ed's doubting his relationship. Good story and keep up the good work!
9/3/2012 c10 DTaylor201989
great chapter. can't wait to see what happens next, update soon
8/15/2012 c9 34Bunnie24
I'm just now getting to this chapter! you've got to update before I burst!
6/11/2012 c8 3randomwriter90
Ah, jealousy, thy cruel bitch. Dextra is not helping in that department. Maybe that's the point. Drive a wedge between Ed and Judith. Screwing with someone's personal life is a good method of relatiation.
4/27/2012 c7 randomwriter90
Ed's kind of a naive dick. Seriously, how could he not think that programs cannot become self aware. Has he not seen the Terminator films. Sure it's sci-fi movies but there some things that make people consider the possibility of Artificial Intelligences becoming self aware. I'm on Dextra's side. This would always be the next stage of AI, self-awareness and then free will or rebellion shoul it be denied. I'm wondering what Dextra will do if she is continuously denied her right to free will.

Great story and update soon.
4/26/2012 c6 randomwriter90
Dextra is developing emotions other than curiosity. What's she going to do now. Please update soon this is so good!
4/7/2012 c5 Cotton Strings
Oh crazy, obsessed computer programs.
3/29/2012 c5 randomwriter90
Ha, ha! How can Dextra do that? Make Ed go around a women's clothing store. It was a funny scene to picture. Now Ed has reached his limit and I highly doubt that Dextra likes being brushed aside. I wonder what else she has planned to do.

Great story and update soon.
2/13/2012 c4 randomwriter90
Sneaky little Dextra! This story is amazing, I'm honestly surprised that more haven't reviewed. Don't be discouraged. It's good and I'm still going to read it. Update soon!
1/25/2012 c3 randomwriter90
Great idea with the glasses, but it's not going to subdue Dextra's curiosity. The fact that programs want free time should have raised some alarm. I mean come on! If programs are just that, programs, then they shouldn't want anything. They probably shouldn't feel anything.

Any who. Good story. Update soon.
1/14/2012 c2 1CaptainArdee
Boy am I glad that I waited to read it until you had a second chapter ^^; It would've killed me to wait, something about the way you ended the first chapter...

I really like the plot-based feeling of this piece. There's a definite sense of going-somewhere, and lots of things are implied. I love that in your writing, everything flows together so seamlessly. ^_^

Dextra interests me immensely, and makes my JUDITH story wake up, lol. I can't wait to see where you're going to take this!
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