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for Pride and Prejudice and Glee

9/28/2019 c2 Kmpcarter
Is there more?
12/5/2015 c2 14kezztip
This was so good. You should post that final chapter.
3/27/2015 c2 23WildeAbrams
Why didn't you ever finish this? It was good,
12/1/2013 c2 15raeganb123
Oh come on! "One more part to go" is when you decide to stop updating? I was VERY upset when you stopped updating your Misfit Toy Hero Squad, but now I'm just disappointed... All right, now please update soon!
10/1/2013 c2 Guest
Are you going to continue this?
Loving it so far :)
3/28/2013 c2 krazyy989
Really really funny(: I love the way you put the glee twist on pride and prejudice! Can't wait to read the last part!
2/9/2013 c2 23discussionsonpaper
Please please update, it would make me very happy, I love this story
8/12/2012 c2 4Genie05 the second
3/12/2012 c2 Judith
Very fun! Rachel can totally pull off Elizabeth and Puck is a slightly sweet yet bad ass Mr. Darcy. Pray continue soon!
3/2/2012 c2 Maly
I want more, like turn this into a full-blown story more. This is awesome, and I'd love to see all the relationships developing over time.

The homophobes of Mckinley, will probably (definitely) blame Glee for 'turning' people gay when Blaine and Santana come out. I truly enjoy Santanas reactions to Brittany.
2/29/2012 c2 MorganOregon
I meant updating, by the way.
2/29/2012 c2 MorganOregon

2/29/2012 c2 9LindsaylovesPacey
This is so cute! I can totally hear Rachel with a Brittish accent while spewing her disgust for Puck!
2/29/2012 c2 4Indrea
I love this story, could you please be quick with part 3? :D
2/29/2012 c2 SuzQQ
Like this! I hope that Rachel changes her mind about Puck and she gives him a chance romantically. I also would like Puck to encourage Mike romantically with Tina. Please update soon. Thanks!
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