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for So Alone in Your Heart

5/12/2016 c1 ZarraMoon
I love this book so far!
2/26/2016 c20 hailley gerry
I love the ending its so dramatic so romantic
10/23/2015 c1 notforyoutoknow
keep out of my way trying to find who created or who written the songs realistically please.
5/26/2015 c20 What the fuck
Holy shit, dude. Make a sequel. Now. I will pay you, just take my money.

4/9/2015 c20 Madisen Conrad
Oh my goodnesses best story ever if there is a movie about this please send me it and everything els, if there is a book that's between published I'd love to buy it! I'm so sorry I probably sound like a freak but it was amazing I hope you send/write back email me or and please write back to me I'm a huge fan of Anna blue and Damien dawn and of course you too, thxs so much. Madi Conrad
2/12/2015 c20 EarthToFireReader
awesome awesome and even better this is the beast ending to anything I've every read! And I've read allot of books and fan fics.
1/30/2015 c20 Good
This was an awesome story romantic too...! My fav...!
9/22/2014 c20 Shana
This... is... Beautiful...
3/26/2014 c20 yassmeen mohmoud
IT is so amazing.. but I just have to ask all this lovely story came to from just watching the song?
10/9/2013 c20 2major book worm person
Love it! Great timing Angeles I luv how it all fits in with the music videos.
6/30/2013 c1 hi
Will you be making a tv show cause I would like to see is
4/13/2013 c20 Guest
1/29/2013 c20 17Agent Get Amy And Ian Together
A one, Where they get married and then Anna say she's pregnant and Then they get twins!
I promise I Will review every single chapter!
1/29/2013 c19 Agent Get Amy And Ian Together
God, that must had been hard:(
1/29/2013 c18 Agent Get Amy And Ian Together
Okay, that whent fast - Yay
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