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3/25 c32 Guest
Coop Burtonburger: Oh No! The Computer Is Tonight! Millie Burtonburger: Coop! Coop’s Computer Is Tonight! Dennis: I Will Get This Everyone! Lorne: Dude Catboy Wins! Harvey: This Is An Worst Nightmare Coop! Phoebe: This Is An Just! Fiona: Life Ever! The Kids: (Sees A Computer) Miss Brannigan: Thanks, Coop! (Turns Off The Lights)
3/18 c11 Guest
Millie Burtonburger Is Cuddling Her Baby Coop Burtonburger Plush.
3/15 c18 Guest
Then Coop is sick then trying to an emergency room in the hospital Phoebe in his bed then she keeps cold at Millie in her sick room.
3/11 c18 Guest
Coop Burtonburger and his friends is sick at her computer.
2/23 c18 Guest
Kid Vs Kat Hospital Sick Coop Burtonburger is feeling sick today she lose her heart and she’s a patient Millie Burtonburger is sick she’s a sister then in she gives a birth Baby Coop and Baby Millie in his babies and she’s pregnant at the hospital with Burt Burtonburger and Miss Brannigan then she has a cold fever with Dennis in his blood then in her stomach then hurts in his cousin name Dennis’ mom then she is her Lorne is an tonight then feels bad then she’s very hurt then Harvey is an emergency nurse then in his doctor came up Phoebe in his cat Mr Kat then in his hugging his friend Fiona.
2/13 c35 Guest
Coop, Millie, Dennis, Lorne, Harley, Phoebe Fiona and his kids is sick.
2/12 c34 Guest
Coop Burtonburger Is Sick Over The Millie Burtonburger Bloods Returned By Dennis Lawrence Chan Returns To Lorne Carnage Is Cold By Harvey Doomsday Is Very Hospital By Harley Doomsday Gets Drunked Over By Phoebe And Fiona Munson But Gets Returned By Mr. Kat Burt Burtonburger And Miss Brannigan.
2/10 c18 Guest
Coop Burtonburger is sick with Millie Burtonburger in his bed.
2/4 c18 Guest
Kid Vs Kat Coop and his friends went to the field trip Coop’s back then and his parents Burt Burtonburger and Miss Brannigan.
1/31 c4 Guest
Coop’s Computer Coop Burtonburger At The Computer
1/21 c35 Guest
Kid Vs Kat Talent Show
1/15 c18 Guest
At The Hospital Coop gets sick in the hospital Millie is an drug trafficking patient from his emergency room Burt and Miss Brannigan is very sick to Dennis is very cold blooded fever she was very sick to feeling better Millie in his patient then she gets sick Lorne, Harley, Phoebe and Fiona is gets sick Millie is sick from the drug trafficker.
10/22/2021 c33 brooklynusaman1997
idk I think this chapter was very interesting and you’re very good at writing interesting dialogue

tasty exposition is tasty
10/5/2021 c32 brooklynusaman1997
7/22/2021 c29 Tomb Raider sin
Please Update soon i am in love with the story
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