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8/27/2013 c12 pottersparky
Well it was fun to read all of it. I have to say molly got in bed with kirk to fast because she only knew him few days and look to one time date thing to me. I love the part of him being upset about loseing sea duck than geting it back. Baloo always love sea duck more than kirk love his ship and that is saying something. The second star to right straight on till morning is not just star trek but peter pan as well. Do hope you plan on doing more talespin stories? It be shame if you don't. Anyway great job on this. It is very fun to read. Thanks again.
8/23/2013 c3 pottersparky
I love this. It so great. The romance with baloo and becky are best I have ever read. This story got lot of heart. I do like capt kirk. I love it that baloo want molly to take over kitt job but always though she do it when she was 12 not this old. Becky and baloo having party alone with romance is very great indeed. I have to say you did this one right. I hope you will write more talespin stories in future. Nicknames becky and baloo have for each other is nice touch to. I think sweet that they wish to have baby. Forever fan of baloo and becky forever fan. I look forward to your future work.
11/4/2012 c12 1mimoo01
Wow what a wonderful ending! Yay for Baloo he received his Sea Duck again! Alright Sher Kahn is now arrested and Don Karnage is gone! Wonderful chapter and a that was a wonderful way to end the story!
11/1/2012 c12 19James7912b
Nice, a few inconsistencies with names and some misspellings. Be sure to go over you stuff before you publish. I noticed the "Swatzies" and the part about Wildcat being hit in the head by the propeller too. Any other ideas in the pipeline?
10/30/2012 c12 DJ
Good stories. Liked the part where Baloo gets his plane back.

Good work.
10/30/2012 c12 5
Poor. Don Krange. Owh
10/30/2012 c12 Trekker77
Cool finish, Khan and Karnage got what they deserved!
10/29/2012 c12 60Villains' Bad Girl
you know you repeated

"That's not all Baloo. I hereby am restoring Baloo's Higher for Hire shipping company and expanding it for you guys. You will now be having a truck service and two brand-new jet cargo airplanes to delver your goods all over the world." Scroodge smiled"


so you're going to write a Peter Pan fic? can't wait to see how that turns out
9/29/2012 c11 1mimoo01
Sorry for the late review I had a busy day. By the way I have not had the chance to speak with the TheDarkLynx.
The review: nice action was spectular! The cliffhanger was epic! What a wonderful backstory of Wildcat the way what his brain accident was sick in a good way!
I'm looking forward for the next update!
9/29/2012 c11 DJ
WHoooo HOO He escapes again
9/29/2012 c11 5
USS Enterprise shake down reduction. I think this ship ws bult by monkeys ans duss whos job ts ti do that ballo
9/29/2012 c11 60Villains' Bad Girl
ooh cliffhangers! what will happen next? almost done with the frame
9/29/2012 c11 Trekker77
Yikes, one bad thing to another! I wish the crew of the Enterprise would come down and stun all the baddies with phasers!
9/15/2012 c10 DJ
9/15/2012 c10 5
UH oh
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