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9/20/2022 c14 2Michael Gleek
Wow I really loved your story it was really awesome and I would love to see some Fem-slash in your next Chapter !
9/17/2015 c14 GlaceEx
I am loving this story! But seeing as it has been 3 years since it's last update and that the author hasn't even come out with any other stories since, I have a feeling we may never see the end so for that I am very disappointed. I do hope he comes back though, he is one of the few writers of fanfic I actually enjoy. Cause I honestly hate fanfiction, they are often just I don’t of no interest to me, but these entice me and the story is told well. Please come back soon bjpboy8008.
6/8/2015 c1 1Pensword013
Heya bjpboy8008,

How ironic is it that I just happen to be watching a Tinkerbell movie on TV as I read Gotta say bjpboy8008, this is one of the hands-down, most well written fics I've yet read...on ANY fic site. Even your original made characters were good enough that I was genuinely pissed at the tortures of Sandy & the fiery redhead, rebel-rouser...(pun intended) Very interested at all the possibilities you could do w/ this "Dark Masterpiece". Already have countless ones rolling round in my mind.

No matter the wait, if whatever ya come up with matches what ya got so's worth it.

tc bjy. Pensword13
4/17/2015 c14 anyone312
this story i found very good but i was really sad when i realised it is not only incomplete but 3 years old so it most likly will not get done anytime soon bjpboy8008 do you have any other stories not on this sight i could read? :)
5/29/2014 c14 milarionized
omg Tinker Bell has been slipping from your interest? *gasped* you have grown up!
This is a pretty intense story. very dark indeed.
5/13/2014 c14 Guest
I really hope you'll update soon it's been like...what? Two years dice you've updated. I really want to read more so please update
4/19/2014 c14 KrazyKratts
Hurry and make more chapters and you should really look up wild kratt FF;()
5/20/2013 c14 2fanfictionlover02
I will be checking everyday for a new chapter, this story is so awesome!
5/20/2013 c13 fanfictionlover02
I wonder who the mysterious fairy is?
5/19/2013 c12 fanfictionlover02
Irving really has a sick mind.. What in Neverland does the people fighting alongside Veronica see in her exactly?!
5/19/2013 c11 fanfictionlover02
They should be amazed, Vidia is the fastest fast-flyer ever.
5/19/2013 c10 fanfictionlover02
That must have been a pain to return back into a dandelion thing or what arrivals come as ..
5/19/2013 c9 fanfictionlover02
A very very very risky attempt (again) indeed, but it may very well work considering they have no information about Vidia. This story is really getting more and more interesting!
5/19/2013 c8 fanfictionlover02
Now I wonder how they will use Vidia's talent.
5/19/2013 c7 fanfictionlover02
Poor Sandy.. She didn't deserve that..
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