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6/22 c29 mencia
Please finish this story!
6/1 c13 theduskysky
Oh now THIS is interesting! I've never read a P&P fan fic where Darcy and Bingley fight like this! Verrrrrrrrry interesting indeed!
5/12 c1 Guest
I really like your version of the beloved Pride and Prejudice novel-movie-series, and look forward to reading your creative continuing chapters.
4/20 c29 Guest
Ah! Love this and am devastated that it looks like we won’t get anymore updates! Please consider posting again if you can!
3/19 c29 7ctrprincess
Wow, I'm invested. I know it's been a while since you updated, but I just recently found this and would love to see what's next!
2/20 c29 LaurelLeafSinger
Thank you, for sharing this excellent P & P story with us. I hope, that some day, you will continue so your readers will find out what happens!

I do like that you had Mr. Bingley more aware and firm in his feelings and what is going on around him. Like Darcy hiding behind his stern, unfriendly mask, Mr. Bingley seems to be just a cheerful, flighty fellow, but instead he is quite clever! Enjoyed his friendship with Elizabeth in the beginning of your story.

Mr. Collins… that unwelcome, embarrassing proposal was horrendous! LOL Leave it to Elizabeth to pretend to faint. Mr. Collins is really icky and has a mean streak.

Glad that Darcy caught Lydia escaping but Mr. Bennet isn’t taking this seriously at all.

Hm, with Georgiana and Darcy back at Netherfield, and without Charles to be a buffer, Caroline is going to be obnoxious. Poor Darcy! And will they see Wickham?

Again, thanks again, for sharing your storyline. I hope you find time to finish it.
2/6 c21 Guest
Honestly, this story has become beyond ridiculous.
2/6 c9 Guest
Why have you put Elizabeth and Jane in the same bedroom? They don’t share one in the book.
1/9 c7 17Hiniwalay
I really like how you justify Caroline’s background and actually make her quite clever. She reminds me rather of Emma from Austen’s other works, but less secure.

This line tho: “she did not care however many and whichever women he beds as long as he marries her.” Like. GURL, CAROLINE, WTF?

I was going rather ehhh on Darcy’s introspection when it seemed that all he was affected by was Elizabeth’s physical beauty, but it all made sense when you explained from the narrator POV that he was simply talking himself out of believing his attachment serious.
12/14/2021 c29 qweenesther15
I'm sure life hasn't been any easier on the last few years, but this story is wonderful and if love to see the HEA at the end of the turbulence.
12/8/2021 c1 Rc0321
Great start!
11/19/2021 c29 Sophie Amalie
I love this story! Congratulasions with the baby! I do hope you will write more soon.
11/1/2021 c29 reptoholic
Man is an idiot!,! Amazing story I have loved it so far. Keep it up.
11/1/2021 c28 reptoholic
11/1/2021 c27 reptoholic
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