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10/13 c29 New reader
Hello! I love this story. I really like where you’ve taken it, although I do feel that you’ve changed the characters of the characters slightly, but not quite enough to be ooc, so it’s fine with me. I don’t suppose you’ll ever read this, or that you’ll ever update again (seeing as it’s been so long), but I thoroughly enjoyed this story, as far as it got, (particularly the Darcy/Bingley argument), and I hope that the finished copy exists in your mind somewhere, even if we’ll never get to see it. All the best, a reader.
9/22 c29 juste moi
Hi, just saw your story and I really like it, but you did post anything since 2017; will you finish it as you promise ?
3/29 c2 Guest
Mr Bingley would not be able to enter Jane’s bedroom, even with his sisters present.
2/26 c27 MelodieMLB
I hope life is treating you and yours kindly. I hope you're able to enjoy writing now, or in the future, but I hope even more, that things go well for you.
2/26 c26 MelodieMLB
Still enjoying your story a lot!
2/26 c1 MelodieMLB
Enjoyed it a lot. Glad you kept writing it.
10/4/2022 c1 LauraR107
I would love to hear how this story ends!
9/6/2022 c29 BlueEarings
I have really enjoyed reading this beautiful story. The people are in character, the plot is believable and I feel that I can hear Jane Austen’s tone in the writing. A lovely read!
I’m definitely going to follow this story because you never know if in the following years if we may get another chapter!
9/4/2022 c4 1reisova
Nice story
9/3/2022 c4 SereniteRose
mM. Darcy is a dick weed and Miss Bingley is a total harpy bitch.
7/17/2022 c29 Mpf2741
Most unfortunate that did not notice the updated date on this story until I was thru the first 10 chapters. I will not waste my time in a abandoned story. A shame for sure, it was well written
6/22/2022 c29 mencia
Please finish this story!
6/1/2022 c13 theduskysky
Oh now THIS is interesting! I've never read a P&P fan fic where Darcy and Bingley fight like this! Verrrrrrrrry interesting indeed!
5/12/2022 c1 Guest
I really like your version of the beloved Pride and Prejudice novel-movie-series, and look forward to reading your creative continuing chapters.
4/20/2022 c29 Guest
Ah! Love this and am devastated that it looks like we won’t get anymore updates! Please consider posting again if you can!
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