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8/8/2023 c9 1OrdinaryMortal
Not one to talk myself, seeing as I am 8 years behind my posting schedule- but I hope you are alive and well and enjoying the sweetness life can bestow- I worried as all your stories stopped in 2013, so this is less of a review per se of your fantastic writing,and more ‘you ok’from s random reader.
6/16/2023 c2 Meepmorp04
Ironically i can actually hear a clash of musical chords in my head due to that standoff. Almost like an anime character striking a signature pose. That is some very powerful imagery you have there *smirks*
8/15/2022 c1 Nilyenea
please continue this story!
7/5/2022 c9 Shonna C
ooh! a wrench! I loved reading this story and the wrench at the end was splendid. now we really need to know what happens next!
12/4/2021 c8 Ki
Orion is weak and pathetic in this fic. He claimed to love his wife, but after her death replaced her with a terrible woman who abused their children. And he didnt even bother to raise his kids, who he had with Charlemagne. All he had left of her.
Poor poor Sirius.
12/4/2021 c6 Ki
Hmm...I think Sirius had more right to be irritated than Lucius. Technically none of them needed to tell Lucius anything, but Sirius should have been kept in the loop.
8/30/2021 c9 2Mialiana
I came back to your story here after there was no more on AO3. I love how some parts are witty and funny, others have (for me) unexpected twists and turns and again others are deep and emotional... great work and I hope you'll write again someday. Until then, all the best to you.
7/21/2021 c9 Perlz
I adore how you write these characters so much! The love and loyalty and honor they each have. The appreciation for the little things about each other. Just so much! I know it's been long, but I hope to see the story continued, and I hope you are well :)
7/21/2021 c8 Perlz
Was there ever anyone you particularly wanted to love, my heart? Was there anyone who stirred your passions?" And Sirius, with no defenses left at all, sleepily murmured against Gabriel's chest, "Yes, but you were always only a dream. I looked for you everywhere, but you were just a dream." Lucky Gabriel
7/21/2021 c8 Perlz
"Have you ever had a lover at all, my heart?" His breath caught and his heart stopped beating for a moment at the barely visible, negative shake of his beloved's head."

Not so odd; they were incredibly young when sirius got sent to Azkaban. Barely 22? Even if James and Lily got married very young and had a kid.
7/21/2021 c7 Perlz
I was looking forward to seeing sirius and Gabriel's thoughts! Very nice.
7/21/2021 c6 Perlz
"pleasure seized control of their bodies and their wills and sent them into a timeless, pagan dance of passion and pleasure."

This writing is gorgeous!
7/21/2021 c6 Perlz
"on Lucius, who said warningly, "Don't even think it. I am the only person in this room who has any right to resent being kept in the dark"

Actually why would Lucius have the right to be told anything before this? He was lucky to be brought into the fold
7/21/2021 c6 Perlz
"Harry was aware of the fact that his thought processes had changed, and that everything that he would ever do now took the man holding him into account"

Gorgeous line :)
7/21/2021 c6 Perlz
"And he knew, with a certainty in the soul that only comes once in a person's life if they are very, very blessed, that Harry needed Lucius just as much."

Comes once, As opposed to never, I think? Not everyone is so lucky as to ever feel it, though some "think" they feel it multiple times or constantly. I'm guessing Lucius felt it with Harry the way he never did with Narcissa. They way Zabini men only feel for their mates? (Love zabini and sirius, btw)
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