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4/7 c23 jaded orbs
Oh, but Rhett did repeat that he wasn't a marrying man. Though I do think that it was a lie at this point in GWTW.

"... It isn’t possible that were so misguided as to think I would propose matrimony?"
Her face went crimson and she did not answer.
"But you can’t have forgotten my oft-repeated remark that I am not a marrying man?"
3/30 c46 nika84
Wow! I would have flipped if I had come home from a long trip to this, when you just want to be... home. They are all taking advantage of her generosity.
I don't know why, but I never can really like R's mother and here is no difference
3/30 c25 nika84
I rarely leave reviews, specially on such an old story that everything had been said and done. But I read reviews for this chapter and wanted to say unlike many, I don't blame her for her decision. Why should she go? Rhett still has no intention to rebuild the marriage that she knows of, he's as closed off as ever, he risks nothing... again. And why should she make herself more vulnerable by admitting her reasons? His response would be more jeering and calling her names or lying and manipulating, certainly there would be no honesty from him. I clearly see S's growing up and slowly changing for the better, but what we see of R at this point isn't very encouraging. His methods hasn't changed and he has learned nothing if his motive is really taking S back.
And I don't like there being a spy near S, if she is Maybelle, it will destroy the friendship and S's trust. No one else seems that close to know these things except Emma, so I prefer it to be her
2/9 c50 Reba Brooks
I absolutely enjoyed this story. I literally cried at the ending when Mammy told Scarlett she wanted to go back to Tara, but I agree, Mammy knew she was getting tired but wanted to stay until she could see Scarlett was happy and knew Rhett truly loved her "little lamb". Mammy was a wise old soul nd knew that Rhett would take care of and love Scarlett. I was also very happy when Rhett overcome the fear of his not using "protection" when Scarlett and he made love to each other and how he let Scarlett know he was not bothered by that fear any longer. I only wish perhaps another chapter or two would have been revealed of Scarlett's finding out she was pregnant and seeing how hpppy Rhett was when she told him as well as a few scenes from the birth of their baby like little Bonnie in GWTW. Excellent Review.
1/11 c50 Guest
This was a wonderful story to read. I enjoyed every chapter!
10/5/2020 c17 Guest
Scarlett has to always be the strong one. Even with Bonnie’s death. She wasn’t heartless, but with her 44 year old husband falling apart, and no one to turn to for help, she had to be a pillar of strength.
10/5/2020 c15 Guest
Right on! It always annoyed me that Rhett didn’t fight Scarlett on the bedroom situation. He was able to talk his way into many things, I’m sure he could have easily seduced her. He was just as big of a brat as Scar. He threw tantrums just like she did. And he was a man 17 years older and more experienced.
9/24/2020 c50 KoniginElle
My dear! Thanks for this masterpiece fanfic! I really enjoyed it. Although, I would love to read all of your fanfics; but I will skip "Moving On." There was a fanfic I read before that Scarlett didn't get Rhett back and it made me feel sick in my stomach. Since then, I have to check the reviews beforehand to make sure that the ending is a happy one. Because I BELIEVE that Scarlett INDEED get Rhett back!

Good luck on your future writing! And keep writing! You have a talent!
9/24/2020 c47 KoniginElle
Oh why oh why does Scarlett do things that makes me cringe or feel embarrass! She is so daring!
9/24/2020 c46 KoniginElle
I wanna know what Jack and Rhett were talking about! :P
9/23/2020 c45 KoniginElle
I think it's now drawn-out that Rhett still hasn't told her that he loves her. At least you should've made Scarlett not tell Rhett about her love for him for a long time since the last time she did. This chapter has become deplorable to me. After all those those deep secrets that they disclosed, and all those romantic things they've done, I just find it too lame that Rhett was still holding back. Maybe you have a good reason why? Well I hope it better be good, whatever it is.
9/23/2020 c44 KoniginElle
I wish Jack Picard will appear soon but there are only 6 chapters left and that makes me doubtful.
9/23/2020 c43 KoniginElle
I was hoping, even if it's out of Scarlett's character, seeing as she has matured, that at least she comforted Helene. A pat on her forearm would do.
9/23/2020 c42 KoniginElle
I find the issue of "Jack" much more entertaining than of Helene's. It makes me laugh that Scarlett is just so oblivious to Rhett's jealousy; and still doubt his jealousy even though it's already
9/23/2020 c40 KoniginElle
Thank goodness this is already completed when I read it(although I only read fanfic when its status is finished) otherwise, I'd die waiting for the next chapter to come!
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