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1/5/2016 c21 1StoryFinder1
AMAZING STORY! I have looked and looked for a newsies story that had a good plot and featured just as much David as Jack. You did a wonderful job giving each of the newsies a personality, despite the fact that there were so many in the story! Al was a wonderful character with depth, and what I think is an acurate represntation of what a girl who grew up as a newsie and was Jack's sister would be like. I loved her relationship with David, Jack, and the other newsies. Keep writing!
4/4/2014 c21 Guest
Im not even joking here I started crying while reading this
2/11/2013 c21 Roseybelle2
Another AMAZING story! Like many of the other reviewers have said... Please don't ever stop writing. Can't wait to read the next sequel! :)
2/11/2013 c13 Roseybelle2
Okay, I just spent the last hour and a half reading the first 13 chapters. I am completely enamored with this story and the characters! I know this story is older but I hope you still read your reviews. So far I am a fan of not only the stories, but you as writer as well. :)
10/4/2012 c15 Guest
As I was reading your story, an advertisement for tickets to see Newsies came up on the top of the page
10/4/2012 c13 Guest
What's an OC? Does it stand for Original Character?
10/4/2012 c11 Guest
First of all, my God you are good! I've been reading your stories since the first chapter but I don't have an account, pooh. Second of all, you are a fantastic writer. I like to write too and when you said the bit about how the characters became three dimensional and real to you was extremely true and I think that I speak for all writers when I say that we've all done the same thing. Third of all, my God you move a lot. I'm extremely jealous that you got to visit England and France because ever since I read the Harry Potter books in third grade and never put the down, I've always wanted to go. Fourth of all, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm curious, are youa college student or a teenager? I don't want you to take offense, I'm just curious about who the authors of the stories on here are. I would like to thank you for not putting a lot of...intimate moments in your story because I read a story on here that was supposed to be "kid-friendly" and turned out to rated R for intimacy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this story, you and your talent is amazing! From, a young idiot in New Jersey. (This is not a user name, I just don't like to to put personal information on the internet)
4/30/2012 c21 4Irayana
Brilliant! I absolutely love your stories. I spent the past several days reading this and its prequel and have yet to be disappointed. Scratch that, I AM disappointed but only because I have to wait for the next instalment to begin! I cannot wait! Once again, brilliant work. :)

4/23/2012 c21 DramaticallyBlue
Amazing, I loved this story, I mean I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! I'm really sorry I didn't review chapter 20, but of course it was great.

Chapter 20:

I'm really glad Quick Fists was killed, and I like the way you wrote that part out. I know I sound cruel, but what I mean is that in a lot of fanfics someone kills somebody else and they feel no regret. In your story after he killed him Kid Blink immediately felt bad, but in the sense he felt bad that he killed someone. Honestly I'm just glad Quick Fists can't hurt Al or anyone else ever again. Incredible chapter.

For this chapter I was really sad when Kid Blink said he was leaving but it was heartwarming when Mush said he was going to leave with him. I'm predicting that for this next story your saying how everyones' lives are turning out. But I have to admit I'm dying with curiosity about what happened to Race! And considering you said Al was "very pregnant" maybe she'll have her baby. Ugh, so many questions...

I had been reading a previous chapter and was incredibly absorbed into it, then somebody called my name. It was like being asleep and in the middle of a dream and having somebody wake you up. I then realized what makes you such a fabulous writer. Besides the fact that you make fantastic plots and great characters, the way you write captivates a reader, so it's like they're not reading the story anymore they're watching it. I can't stress how amazing that is, to be able to write in a way that makes the reader feel like they're living the story, not reading it. I don't know if you write stories outside of fanfiction but you should if you don't. Seriously, you write amazing, I've read stories that for a part in the book your living the story but the rest your reading it, the way you write; I'm living it from begginning to end. That's...that's amazing, and it means you're a great writer.

Don't ever stop writing, and I mean EVER, I'm looking forward to your knew story, publish it soon.
4/20/2012 c21 1d2496
Oh my gosh! I love blink. And jack. And al. And everyone. Dude I almost cried, aha. And I'm.so.excited for the sequel. Really good work, man, you're a great writer.
4/19/2012 c21 1Anelese2012
4/19/2012 c21 Ealasaid Una
excellent. wonderful story!
4/19/2012 c21 13natalieblack2
Yay! Sequel! Little Al and Davy babies! Hahaha. :D I'm so excited, so don't forget about us. :)
4/18/2012 c21 36woundedhearts
It's nice to see David and Al, married and obviously happy and preparing for a family. Speaking of, Les is sixteen. Which if i'm doing the math right, this next part occurs six years after the strike and four years after part II. If this is the case then does that mean there's a chance that Jack, Mush and Blink will be back. There is obviously going to be trouble, so wouldn't it make sense to have some help for Al and David from family they can trust. Espeically since she's in a family way. Quick question, will David and Al be living in the Roosevelt apartment near the lodge once they are married and will we actually experience their wedding. I'm guessing that's a no, because of the timeline. Unless of course you add in a prologue.

As too this chapter, i'm glad Jack stepped in with the boss. But i'm kind of disappointed that he didn't get together with Sarah. Still i can understand not being ready and wanting to sew your wild oats so to speak. I'm just hoping four years will be enough and then Jack will come home where he belongs. After all he will be an uncle. Speaking of uncles, i hope nothing severe happens to Racetrack. Life wouldn't be the same without him.

I still can't believe it. Skittery is getting married, Blink and Mush are headed to Chicago, Jack to Santa Fe, isn't anyone sticking around? :(

Anyway, i can't wait until your next story. By the way, what will the title be?
4/18/2012 c21 27pselJacobs
i'm so sad this story is over :****( ... BUT IA BS CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE! i'm hooked already with just the little snippet :)
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