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4/18/2012 c21 17autumnamberleaves
Aww poor Blink having to make a run for it. I'm glad Mush is going with him. I hope that they are somehow in the sequel because I'm going to miss those guys. I loved this chapter, this story and series as a whole. I've reread it about 3 or 4 times now. I can't wait for the new story to debut. :-)
4/16/2012 c20 autumnamberleaves
WOW oh wow! I keep meaning to review this and it's prequel and I WILL review the other chapters-lol when I get the time. I love this series!

Poor Blink, I'm so proud of him though. I'm glad he wasn't all "happy to have killed" but rather sick and in shock. He had to though and I applaud him.

I'm glad that David got to Cap in time. That would have been awful if she had died.

Speaking of David, I hope that he gets that wound looked at, since he's already light headed. Hope he didn't hit an artery (although, that would make for a rather interesting twist, him needing help-knowing him, he'd probably not admit he was hurt that badly and Cap and Blink are understandably distracted). Also knowing him, he might ignore it and it get infected and have all sorts of problems. For his sake, I hope not, for reading pleasure, I must admit that I hope he at least passes out or more...yeah I'm sadistic-but let him live (as I know he will!) ...

Great story and I hope I didn't annoy you with my David wish list. :-D Are you going to see Newsies on Broadway? My Dad and I are going as a joint birthday/Christmas present in late July (my birthday's in September but as it's only scheduled to Aug 19th I get my present early!) :-D
4/15/2012 c20 mysterygirl
sorry, I think I spelled name wrong, that really was me, mysterygirl, not whatever I spelled. :D Sorry, I was rushing.
4/15/2012 c20 mystreygirl
These were THE best fight sciences EVER written on fan fiction. AMAZING. I was like, panicking i the chapter before, thinking oh my gosh, the stupid bastard who lost against Jack is back for revenge on AL, she's dying, and WHERE THE HELL IS DAVID!

Then I read this and I was SOOO relieved. I absolutely loved it. ANd I really admire the way QUick FIsts died. If you had kept him alive, he would have come back again, and all that stuff would happen again, and it'd be tiring. THat's the problems with pointless sequels, is that they are so repetitive and the villain just keeps coming back again and again. It's so repetitive. But you put an end to it, in one grand battle. Beautifully written!

I also really like that Blink was the one to kill him. It shows a lot of important things about the newsies and the story. FIrst of all, it shows that by messing with the Kelly's, he's not just messing with them, Quick Fists was all of the newsies enemy. He threatened their family. Also, it shows that Blink cares a lot about them, and was willing to kill to save them. NOw, I can't say I know what it feels like to kill a man, but I'm guessing its not easy at all. I'm glad you made it that he was only killed in self-defense.

Also, I like how after word, he was throwing up and he didn't feel good. I mean, I guess I shouldn't have said I like it, I mean, poor Blink, but I admire that you included that he wasn't some ruthless guy who couldn't care about taking a life. Very well written.

Oh, and btw, I KNEW the beating of Al seven years before was something other than just a regular back talking. Beautifully done.

Also, David should DEFINITELY propose to Al. They were meant for each other. WEll, technically, Al was meant for DAvid because she was an OC created and paired with him, but you get my point. XD.

Especially after that super sweet chapter ending. :D

Okay, loved it, update soon! I can't believe your almost done! ARe you still making a 3rd? UPDATE!
4/15/2012 c20 13natalieblack2
AHHHHHHHHH! Poor Blink! But yay the jerk's dead! Praise the lord! Are you going to make a third story? I hope so. :) Awesome chapter!
4/13/2012 c20 27pselJacobs
Wow...SO dramatic and intense! But I loved it :D

Wait, only 1 more chapter? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?
4/13/2012 c1 2ForeverYoungForeverLostGirls
This is amazing. The detail and the feelings you write with are SO well thought out! The plot fits perfectly with your writing style!

Al and David are the perfect couple, and I love how no characters are too OOC, just enough to fit the storyline without even making it SEEM like they're OOC.

Quick Fists is the perfect villain, out for pure revenge! And I LOVE his name!

There are no grammar or spelling mistakes that I can find, and your writing style and ability to hold a plot is the king that belongs in a real professional book. If you can write a real story, not a fanfic, I bet you could get it published.

If you do or you have, let us know!
4/13/2012 c20 36woundedhearts
Hallelujah the bastards dead. I know that killing someone is wrong, but i'm a strong believer in self defence and this man needed to die. He was a threat to everyone he came in contact with and i'm glad that Blink had the forsight to realize that. Yes there will be consequences but in my estimation i don't think the newsies will give him up too easily. They will protect him just like they protect everyone they consider family. I don't believe Blink should get into trouble over this espeically since he's got a pretty good future ahead of him. QF has done enough damage and he should not be allowed to do more.

Now for my favorite part David saving Ali. I could really feel the anguish and the heartbreak coming from David when he first spotted Al's body. He's reaction was fierce and justified. He wanted blood and he was determined to get it. I knew the fight between QF and Jack wouldn't put an end to the trouble. The guy was crazy and his mental state was beyond redemption. So it makes sense that in his mind he would think killing Al was the best way to proceed. I'm so glad he didn't succeed. David and Al truly love one another and belong together. I am just happy we get to see that wedding in future chapters.

Okay, one track mind here...you mentioned Sarah and her boss and the relationship she has with Jack, i'm guessing that answers my last question. Something also tells me that this will be the main arc in the next part of the trilogy. When will Jack wake up and realize what he is doing. I hope they will have their happy ending as well.

Amazing Chapter. Please update soon. :)
4/13/2012 c20 14VividInfinity

i LOVE how she was dead, then she wasnt, then he was fighting, then he was dead, then romantic mushy moment!

AAAAAHHHHH! I love it i love it i love it i love it i love it!
4/13/2012 c20 Ealasaid Una
this was an excellent chapter. WOW! David fought for Al who he loves and Al fought for him. Blink show how much Al friendship meant to him. i am not saying what he did was right, but i understand why he did it.

i hope that Al and David will help Blink through with what he now has to deal with. I hope that Al and David can calm down Jack.
4/12/2012 c19 Rachel
WOW AMAZING CHAPTER! What's gonna happen? Sorry I haven't been reviewing. :( I've been reading these on my phone because I'm so busy, and for some reason it won't let me review. Be assured that they were all AMAZING though! :D :D Keep up the great work. I don't want it to end! D:
Great chapter, i am now impatient to find out what happens. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! ;)
4/9/2012 c19 13natalieblack2
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ALI! Oooooh I wish I could squeeze the life out of that stupid brute's body and then he'll be sorry he ever messed with Jack and Ali and David! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
4/9/2012 c19 DramaticallyBlue
A few things, I am SO SO SORRY that I haven't reviewed! 2 chapters, 2 WHOLE CHAPTERS that I have not reviewed! Both of which I absolutely loved!

Chapter 17: Runner has to be the cutest newsie in Manhattan, probably in New York! And when Al proposed the fight part of me was screaming, "Al what did you just do?" but most of me was rooting for her.

Chapter 18:

That was...it was...chappie #18 had to be...I'm at a loss of words. That was so...amazing, I mean I knew Jack would have the fight of his life, but my God, I wasn't expecting something like THAT! I couldn't stop reading it, it was awesome, I loved every word of it.

Okay, now for this chapter:

Gosh darnit! A cliffhanger, when Al is near death, a cliffhanger? Don't get me wrong, it was great, but still! This is so messed up! He was supposed to be gone right now, as in no more Quick Fists, but that insane murderer stayed, and now he's killing Al for something that happened 7 years ago? It's afficial he's gone crazy. I don't even know what to think right now...*sigh* I hope Al will be okay, I hope somebody, anybody comes to her rescue! Okay *deep breath* please, Please, PLEASE, UPDATE AS SOON AS YOU CAN! I need to read more!

Your a fabulous writer.

-The Broadway newsie
4/8/2012 c19 1d2496
Oh no! This chapter was really intense. The flashback was sad, but I love how spot stood up. Update sooon, I have to know what happens haha.
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