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4/8/2012 c19 Ealasaid Una
Hopefully someone heard her scream.please update. is Al gonna be ok? Are the boys gonna be ok?
4/8/2012 c19 36woundedhearts
OMG Update - i want another update, like NOW! :)

Okay deep breath, i'm good. LOL! Okay as a writer i know that killing off Ali would be a terrible idea. So with that mindset i choose to believe that she will either be saved at the last minute or QF will hear a noise, panic and leave her for dead. If thats the case then one of the other newsies i'm sure will find her soon.

That last part was so sad, there is no doubt in my mind that she will see David's smile one more time before its all over. And hopefully this part of the series will end with a marriage proposal.

As for Sarah, will her break up with Jack be resolved in this story or will it lead into the final part of the tale?

Okay QF needs to die a horrible death. I'm talking the Hoffa kind where his body will never be recovered. He is a killer and a danger to all the newsies and in my opinion they should all get together and send the bastard straight to hell so he can be with his own kind.

Anyway, i hope your next chapter will be up soon. As always looking forward to it. :)
4/4/2012 c18 mysterygirl
I'm sorry...I just... I give up. I can't keep my promises, even the little ones. I can't review all those chaters, no matter how much I want too. I just...can't. I'm a failure, aren't I? Hey, what you pm-ed The Broadway newsie about me was really sweet. I'm glad you of all people, the one I feel real bad about, understands were I'm coming from. Not man people I know do, and just push me harder. It's nice that at least a few people understand and give me a break. Thank you.

But I still feel terrible, because there are so many things I wish I could tell you about your previous chapters, so many compliments, so many of my thoughts, but I just don't have time to do it. I'm real glad you understand, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to show you how much I love your writing and how much this story is inspiring me, if you haven't realized already. So I'm sorry. Forgive me? *bats eyebrows* pretty please?

Heh, but I guess your feeling pretty bad about taking so long too, huh? Don't worry about it. Your writing makes up for it. ;) We're both li'l busy bees I'm assuming, huh? XD

"It's funny how the world turns."


Anyway, I also have a small compensation. I AM going to make an account. I even already decided on my username. I know I said this before, but I'm actually doing it this time. Promise. And this one, I'll kill myself to keep. I don't even know WHY it would be a small compensation, but I feel like you inspire me to do so many things. Like this for example, to stop putting it off and get it done. So, I kinda feel like I'm doing it for you. Kinda weird, but that's the way I feel. And, anyway, there are sooooo any things I want to ask you, and I'd love to be able for you to actually be able to respond, instead of me having a one-sided conversation and guessing what you think of me. :P I'm guessing your thoughts are that I'm a bit wrong in the head, huh? :P Don't worry, everyone on internet is. XD

So...anyway...enough with my intro:


Oh Jack, Oh Jack, Jack, Jack... I'm I the only one who's heart is whelming with love for him, despite what he's done? I don't know, but I'm feeling this increased fondness for him. It's like, I think, in this chapter, he's finally gotten his head straight. *sigh* It's about time too...

BUt..that first fight with Quick Fists...oh my GOD. No wonder he's so protective of Al. Hey, but he was only 11-Les' age-when he first fought him. Thank you for showing yet again that kids that age kind be more mature then people think. I HATE it when people do that. Never confuse Knowledge with intelligence. Then again, compared to Les, you kinda see the affect of living on the streets. You gotta mature faster, I guess, don't have time to be a kid. *sigh* Poor kids...

But I like that in the first fight with Quick Fists, you didn't have either one win. Jack stopped before it became to much, and they both left with their fair share of injuries. That way, you don't say that Jack was extremely powerful and in won heroic fight, beat the older newsie, but you don't say he was instantly beaten to pulp. You gave them both justice. That way, no one could predict the fight. Smart. Very smart.

Oh, but thank GOD for Racetrack. If he hadn't been there... who knows WHAT would've happened to them. I've noticed Race IS the one newsies their closest too, isn't he? Good choice. ;)

Oh but poor Al. I bet she must feel TERRIBLE for sending her brother into a fight like that. And she was screaming and fighting to get to him, although it was a better idea then having MacIntosh pick them off one by one.

Oh, but at the end, when Jack finally picked himself off the ground and swung at Quick Fists with everything he had, thinking of everyone he loved and cared for, THAT's when you knew that despite everything he did under all the pressure, he still won for them. To keep them safe. And that he'd finally gotten his priorities straight.

Oh my gosh, this is one of the only fanfics (another one being We Run the Papes) that has made me feel so intense. Your writing is so intense, keeps my hooked and treasuring every word, I don't think I can adequately express how amazing your writing is I mean, you should publish this! Like, seriously! Do you write stories, like other then fanfics? 'Cause I could seriously imagine you becoming as successful as J. K. Rowling, no joke. You have a gift, a talent, please use it well, and show it to the world. I would hate to see it wasted. Keep writing! Update soon!
4/4/2012 c18 Ealasaid Una
wow. Is al ok? Is Jack gonna be ok? Poor Al, this is gonna add to her nightmares!
4/2/2012 c1 newsiesluva
HOLY CRAP! Jack just owned QF, Ali flipped out, and the mighty king of Brooklyn didn't know what to do for once! Oh, and Jack just kinda blacked out! So much action. I love it! What's gonna happen next? I HAVE TO know!
4/1/2012 c18 1d2496
Oh my god oh my god oh my god! This was such an amazing chapter. Seriously, super intense and I always love the flashbacks. You're a great writer! Update soon.
4/1/2012 c18 13natalieblack2
4/1/2012 c18 10BeeWonderland
This was soo good! And in great timng because I was getting tired off waiting! This was really good. I loved when Al had the MAJOR FREAK OUT and Spot not knowing what to do! Hilarious, it kinda remind that of me one time.

I also loved how Race shouted about Jack blacking out that was kind sweet in a wierd way,

Can't wait for the next update!
4/1/2012 c18 36woundedhearts
Jack defeated him. QF isn't going to like knowing that, once he comes too. I don't think the war is over. I personally think since QF is such a loose cannon he'll use his anger over losing to Jack as a some kind of morbid reason to continue his assaults. Now he's really going to be dangerous because a guy like this doesn't like to lose. Espeically to a hated enemy.

I strongly suggest that Jack rethink his situation and send the girls to Brooklyn like his thoughts implied. The stakes are getting higher and QF's is not one to back down easily, fair fight, or no fair fight. I have to wonder if he'll use AL or Sarah against Jack and if it will be more then just a beating. He's a few cards short of a full deck and something tells me he wouldn't mind killing someone to prove a point. Case in point what happened with Al when she was seven.

I loved the scene with Blink trying to keep AL back. And the threat to QF's eyeshockets was genius. I cheered - loudly! ;)

Anyway i hope Jack recovers soon and i hope QF's doesn't. Update quickly.
4/1/2012 c18 Alice
I is loving this.





no, just kidding





3/18/2012 c17 13natalieblack2
I flipping love this story! Ali and David are so cute! Please don't stop!
3/13/2012 c17 Ealasaid Una
i think that al and davy are in trouble. yeah, skittery is gonna get marry.
3/13/2012 c17 lol
loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it like a some
3/13/2012 c17 36woundedhearts
Poor Runner he was so scared of going into that building and who could blame him. The description of QF was enough to make anyone run for the nearest hill. I'm glad that David and Al came around when they did. I do have to admit I gasped when Al stood up and made those demands, if i was there she would have gotten a sound lashing. Not that it would have helped considering the circumstances - but well...

They need to warn Race of the impending soaking. Seriously, do they think that Race is that stupid that he would voluntarily put himself in harms way. Although come to think about it, knowing that the Manhattan newsies will get the gest of what may happen, will put everyone on alert, and QF and his goonies may not get the chance to hurt Race.

Quite a climactic ending to this chapter. I love cliffhangers. :)
3/13/2012 c17 1d2496
ah! The end was so intense. Pleease update when you get a chance, Haha.
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