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for The Legend of Spyro: The Darkness Reborn or Return

11/17/2018 c6 Shevca
Thee is no way you are in collage unless you don't know very much English because there are so many spelling mistakes it makes me mad. ):
8/3/2018 c6 Bob
How come spyro and cynder haven't contest their love for each other yet
6/3/2013 c1 lol
I just wasted 3 seconds of your life
1/18/2013 c2 gwevinxx0
it is a very good chapter. sometime you get it when spyro and cinder immediately kiss but this one is different and that's cool XD
4/18/2012 c4 3santabandicoot
Great story so far, I hope to see more. Update when you can my friend.
4/2/2012 c4 1Treachery Of Night
Unbelievable! This story has surprised me twice already. I admit, this is a great read! Well I can't say much more than update.
3/18/2012 c4 1icestorm1999
Well I never! That turned out better than the damn brainstorm!
3/16/2012 c2 21CynderFanForever
Cool story. Okay, everybody that sees this, please check out my story, The Legend of Spyro: Devil's Shadow.
2/6/2012 c2 3santabandicoot
Great first chapter,sorry it took me so long to read it. But anyway you did very well with getting into Cynder's thoughts on the situation. So all in all really good so far you've got me hooked. Ill read the second chapter as soon as I can. keep up the good work.
2/6/2012 c3 Fenrir Connell
Ok, this was a good chapter!

Now, before beginning with the review I'd like to apologize because it took me a little long to read and review this. I've been very busy lately. Said that.

On to the review!

I see that you like to take date of the details from the game, so that you don't forget about anything on the story, I've read some fics that (Just as a example) make the other guardians know about Ignitus' death even before Spyro and Cynder are back to say it! So is good to see you do take care about the details. I also saw that you have some original and quite interesting ideas! I congratulate you!

My only complain goes about punctuation. You could have used more commas or dots in some parts of the text. Also, there are some words that were supposed to be together. Like "YOU WROTE: with out. IT ACTUALLY SHOULD GO: without." Get it?

Overall it was really good. Hope you continue to write as good!

- Fenrir
2/4/2012 c3 1icestorm1999
OOOH! OOOH! I like! I have been waiting FOREVER for you to update! Anyways I noticed that you were kinda skeptic on the romance... Maybe you should bump that up a little? And I don't like how you said, "Cynder was out cold before she even hit the ground" because it made her sound weak, like, weaker than Spyro when they are the perfect match. It just didn't seem right. My review of the Ember/ Flame: If you make Ember come in, I suggest you make her come in to stir up trouble between Cynder and Spyro. I do not suggest you bring Flame into the factor.
1/26/2012 c2 Fenrir Connell
Ok, I'm leaving my sincere opinion here.

This looks interesting so far, nothing has been revealed about the new plot in two chapters, but that is ok since one was the prologue!

So, they are lost and Spyro doesn't remember the most important thing for Cynder... Tough. I liked this because you were able to explain Cynder's feelings very well in a few words, that was good. I used to figure Cynder remembered her days as the "Terror of the Skies", and her many attempts to get rid of Spyro... Guess I'll stop to think about her like that to read this.

Spelling and grammar time! Ok, I couldn't pick up any spellings in this story, so congratulations! For grammar, you missed some question marks, specially when Cynder speaks in her mind. To give you and example: "Does he remember..." And "Does he remember...?". Got my point?

Also, I give a small comment about some capital letters you should have used and you didn't. Take more care about that in further chapters, ok?

I'm subscribing, and if this story gets better in the next chapters, I'll be adding it to my favs! It looks promising.

So, until you update next.

- Fenrir
1/23/2012 c2 9Cynder fan
Sorry I didn't review before, I must have over looked this story.

Not bad for a first shot, the grammar needs a bit of work but otherwise a sound story.

Might I suggest getting a beta reader to check your work before you publish. I would be happy to do it myself if you want.

Cynder fan
1/20/2012 c1 1Treachery Of Night
Yet another detail i yet again failed to notice. The detail is qute descriptive yet doesnt consist of more than needed words. My you are a very good writr by far. If anyone actually reads my reviews thank you for the time excused for reading this review from the many other that have not even been considered.
1/17/2012 c2 1DarkAngelOfMyDreams
This was a cool chapter, I don't really play the games but this is great so far. The descriptions were amazing as well hope you update soon.
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