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for The Reason I Became a Witch

12/3/2019 c6 8WhatChuuKnowBoutMe
Funny thing... I didn't know there were more chapters to this story after all these years... Glad I found this again after so long. Wish it was finished though. It's definitely not complete like (***Spoiler: To anyone reading reviews) we know she was kidnapped by Madara and tbh if not for the 1st chapter this could have been the last chapter but now what's Sakura up to and what does Sasuke know and how did Madara turn her against Konoha and I've got my assumption who Obito tried to bring back (Rin Aka The Voice) but like... and the thing is I know it won't be updated :(
4/2/2013 c3 Krystal
I didn't understand this store...
3/3/2013 c6 N.B.I.C
awesome chapter can't wait for the next
2/28/2013 c6 3pierce through the heart
This chapter warmed my heart! I loooove it! This story is great! I hope you update soon!

*shrieks loudly and finds someone to glomp on* Thank you so much for making this story!

*kneels* Thank youuuuuu!
2/27/2013 c6 SkeletoNQueeN06
UMMm,,, I'm not really sure what is the significant of this story and sasuke is still her bad boy... can u explain for me a bit.. hehe
2/27/2013 c6 1maxridelover
aww this was nice!
2/19/2013 c5 N.B.I.C
could you please update this one on the 27th of February please ... it would mean a great deal
2/17/2013 c5 maxridelover
this isn't good for sakura!
1/20/2013 c4 20MewHanyou
Manipulative Sakura...I like it :)
4/3/2012 c4 4TheBloodyLoveOfSakuraHaruno
O_O What? Oh snap! She's a crazy! This can only lead to a very exciting story... :)
3/8/2012 c3 7Sibrael
I'm really enjoying this story. I hope you can update it soon. It's great to see Sakura playing for the other side, you don't see it nearly enough.
1/28/2012 c3 4TheBloodyLoveOfSakuraHaruno
Aw. I'd be pretty traumatized if I were, in this chapter: Shizune, Sai, or Kakashi. Having to watch her get taken and blaming yourself for not being there to save her. That would feel horrible. But it was a really good chapter :D
1/28/2012 c3 1pillowtae
Update Soon!
1/28/2012 c3 FaithfullyWicked
This is great. Maybe I'm just tired from my 2 hrs of sleep, but I don't see any grammatical problems or anything like it. And the storyline... Its really intriguing. I love her being the "bad girl" all thanks to neglect supposedly... Hope we get to see her time with the amazing Madara too.
1/28/2012 c3 8WhatChuuKnowBoutMe
I liked it. But maybe I'm just slow but... Does this story all tye together? Cos in the first chapter, It says Sasuke regretted not getting "there" faster. I wonder what Madara did to turn Sakura against them... I really like this ^.^
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