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for Make a Man Out of You

5/4/2016 c2 1Chaos king6
Please make more please!
4/23/2014 c2 SFL
4/5/2014 c2 10jyugo
I love this so much XD LOL HIRO XDDDDD Please continue!
2/21/2012 c3 5boob tube watcher3452
That's suck:(

I sincerely hope you get better!
2/21/2012 c3 5KuriSari
Naww :( Get well soon and take care^^
2/21/2012 c3 Ultimate Black Ace
Hope that you get better soon!
1/19/2012 c2 ToadXJackXGaara
OMG this is awsome! Miguel is gonna do awesome teaching! And hiro was the best choice because he sucks and doesn't have a weapon partner so Miguel can teach him with regular stuff. PUT UP NeXT CHAPTER SOON PLEASE!
1/11/2012 c2 rosealine
mifune is gonna rip hiros butt UP ! BRING ON CHAPTER 3 ! XD
1/9/2012 c1 KuroSoulEaterfan
I really liked it!Mifune and Hiro don't really get that much attention so this story will be interesting!Can't wait for more!
1/9/2012 c1 5boob tube watcher3452
Seems great so far

I love the title :)

Can't wait for hiro's first lesson wit mifune

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