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5/9/2012 c29 8theverytiredghost
Hehe... me gusta this chapter.
5/9/2012 c29 4JamoActor
Another great mash-up for another great part. Keep up the awesome work.
5/9/2012 c29 6Laiquahen
Coby to the rescue!

That's right girls, you fight your own battles. Not so sure it's really a good idea, but sure. Go ahead.

OMG! He is singing Santa Fe! Coby is singing Santa FE! I've said it before and I will say so again, I love that boy.

"Or I will drive a Porsche through your ovaries!" Best. Threat. Ever! That's my baby, look at him being mischievous and saving the day! Coby and Everett are cute :3

The image of Roxie and Caroline talking is very confusing, because they've got the same celebrity-look-alike I can't help but imagine Lucy Hale talking to herself xD They seem sweet though.

You're starting to care about Hayley, aren't you, Stassi? Well, you better watch yourself.

That's right, Katie, you put that boy in his place! But be careful, Lindsay and Chelley are on to you!

Oh, Hayden, you do know how to phrase things.

Oh, sneaking the title in I see. Sneaky. Being sneaky again with Everett I see. Can't say I'm complaining.

Ah, Coby and Everett are back :3 I do appreciate the their existence. Just saying.

It's back! I can't do a very lengthy review, because this week is super busy, but I am still so in love with this! Can't wait for more :D

Klainebows and Klisses

4/27/2012 c28 1Alex B. Goode
Nice job.
4/27/2012 c28 6rainthenrainbows
Great chapter! I'm happy Ashwin and Emma are still friends even though it's kinda awkward...

And I wonder how her "date" will go and if Ashwin will go with ariā€¦

Can't wait for the mashups!
4/27/2012 c28 8theverytiredghost
I realized I haven't fangirled completely in my reviews lately- so- brace yourself for this next upcoming paragraph.

SUE! OMFG I have how mean she is- but she's the best character on Glee, I'm just... yea...

Lol. That thing with the text books and such is something I do all the time. Except unlike Roxie I don't have a hunky blond dream guy to help me, so the binders just fall on my face. :P

ROXIE SAID NOO! NOOO! But I knew that was coming since you told me...

God, Dalxie.. why u no see u r in love w/ each other?

'Ashwin grinned as his now ex-girlfriend,' I'm actually kinda sad they broke up... :'(

And Liam what are you up too?

Caroline is like being bullied so mach I want to punch someone. :(

Coby and Crash... are no longer friends! THE HORROR! Who else is going to make fun of Dalton and Roxie because they aren't flirting with each other during lunch? The irony...

Roxie's... fascinating... hmm... :D

Wally likes Roxie... or Roxie likes Wally... all of this is just making Dalton jealous!

Slushy time... for Caroline. That rhymed. That rhymed too. Now everybody to the rhyming groove. To the left, to the right, now everybody take the flight.

Haha. The Show Choir Scapegoat. :D

Wooooooow... The choir room just bursted out into war world 3.

I love how everybody is just like: FIGHTING! or comforting. And Andrew is like: I'm just here... 0_0


Hehe, Stassi and Hayley- I DON'T GET IT. Friends with benefit, or true love?

ANYWAYS- You just heard the ranting of a goddess. ;D
4/27/2012 c28 5alex-alex7
TOTALLY AWESOME! AUHH! Just wonderful!
4/27/2012 c28 6Laiquahen
I love your Sue so much! She's awesome, and you really do her justice.

Dalton and Roxie just can't get it right, can they?

Ashwin and Emma seem to be doing okay... Oh, give it a rest, Liam! It's funny though, so keep going xD

Poor Caroline! And poor Sam, they couldn't even draw him properly... xD

Aw, that was really sweet, Dalton. Oh no, he didn't! Wally you sleazy douchebag... Well said, Dalton, well said.

No, don't fight! Stop the violence xD Oh my babies, don't fight! I really like how everyone is suddenly attacking each other, like world war glee (hehe).

I love how Michelle was "staring at him pleadingly", such a "Come on, I wanna sing about my feeling too!"

Also, the ending was cute :) Sort of different from what we're used to from them, and funny :)

I really liked this chapter, there was a lot of conflict to keep track of, but it wasn't messy.

I fall harder in love with this with each chapter, and I also love Coby more and more. In this chapter I discovered that he doesn't necessarily have to do anything (I know he sang in the end, but I realized before that), he only needs to exist to make me love him even more. My boyfriend had better get jealous soon xD

Klainebows and Klisses

4/27/2012 c28 4JamoActor
Another great chapter! I can't wait for the next one. There was so much that happened in this chapter. It reeked of awesomeness.
4/27/2012 c28 9New-Classic22
Aw that last bit was really sweet, and the murder reference had me in stitches. I am literally on the ground.

"Stassi, meanwhile, had already tracked Hayley down to the empty classroom she'd hidden in, and finding her, while being an entertaining game in and of itself, was nothing compared to the rewards of being found." This part is amaze-balls, like legit. I am mindblown by how cray-cray your writing is! Its just incredible.

Oh, the fighting was awesome, and I can't wait to see how the teams figure out the mash-ups. LOL!

Just out of curiosity, how far have Hayley and Stassi gone? or is that to be discovered as chapters progress. ;)

Please Update quickly. Without this story I die a slow, grueling death... Yes. I went there.

So, in closing of this oddly enthusiastic Review, I will say a few words. Duck. Blueberry. Bagel. Alaska. Sassafrass. Brandon. Pickle.

Thankyou. *bows and walks out of the door backwards*

PS: you made a tiny mistake - his name was Jacob Ben-Israel not Ben Jacob-Israel. ;)
4/18/2012 c27 1Alex B. Goode
Great job.
4/18/2012 c26 Alex B. Goode
4/17/2012 c27 unbreakable33
Too lazy to log in lol Loving it do far! one teeny tiny request, if you don't feel like its the right time, that's cool, but I would like Arianna to be in the New Directions around the time of regionals :) right now I'm totally loving the story! :) and if you need any ideas for Tribute episodes, feel free to message me! :)
4/16/2012 c27 missfervent
Annamarie is so mean! lol Yay Hunger Games!

Coby and Wally joined in hahaha big yes!

Can't wait for next chapter!
4/16/2012 c26 missfervent
outstanding, love the ending of this chapter! you are so consistent its refreshing.

Would it be weird if I asked you did a recap at the beginning of chapter 28, like you did before?

There is so much drama (I don't know how you do it lol) and I get a little lost...

I love this, you're awesome, thank you.

Miss Fervent
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